Monday, August 13, 2018

Bus Driver Gift - 2018/2019

I totally dropped the ball on a gift for Ms. Robin, the kids' bus driver.  I didn't realize it until about 4:00 p.m. yesterday.  Darren and I went to Kroger and we stood in the gift certificate section and just made a mini date out of trying to come up with something clever.  We had quite the laughs.  For instance, Home Depot, Darren said, "We know you can't wait to take our kids HOME!!" Burger King was "You are the KING of the bus!"  CheeseCake Factory was "Thanks for allowing our kids to ride the CHEESE!" The list was endless, as was the laughter.  While some of those ideas were clever, they were not practical.  The bus driver is a female and I felt like a gift card to Home Depot wasn't the most exciting gift I could have given her.  Burger King is Burger King.  And we don't have a local CheeseCake Factory.  So... I decided on a gift certificate to Target.  NOW WHAT?
I used the above bus image to type a clever something, to Ms. Robin.
I left a blank spot to insert the gift certificate to Target.
Along with the $25 gift certificate to Target, I enclosed a few other awesome gifts.
What was inside the gift bag?

First up, DUH, a school bus brownie.
 Second up, DUHx2, Project 7 Champagne Bears.
 Third, a collection of nuts.
 Fourth, a globe/world pen.  I found this, last minute, at the Dollar Tree.
For last minute, I think this gift turned out pretty darn good. I did contact my creative friend Kaitlyn Belcher to help me with wording.  Kaitlyn helped me incorporate the Project 7 Champagne Bears into the wording.  If you read carefully, you will see that each gift relates to one of the words: "beary", "target", "nutty", "drive", and "toast".  

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