Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back-To-School "Apples" for Teachers ~ 2017

Every year, I try my best to shower teachers with love and showing my appreciation by presenting them gifts.  I typically give a gift for every holiday, including Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. Yea, I know. It's a lot of extra work, but they are so deserving. The above gift was for Ms. Weikle.  She is the other 3rd grade teacher that the twins will have for a few classes.  On back-to-school night, her room was DECKED OUT in EMOJI stuff.  So, I just filled this cute, emoji coffee mug with some goodies to help kickstart her day!

Who doesn't love snickers?  "Sleepy", the perfect word for the first day back at work/school.
I followed that up with a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks. Duh... when you are sleepy, you go to Starbucks.  I sure hope she likes coffee.
 Fun paper clips...
 Fun pencils...
 Emoji tape?! So cool and oh so fun, not to mention so appropriate for her classroom.
Ms. Scott received a hand-made gift bag filled with...
An apple, mason jar.
And a $25 gift certificate to Outback and/or Carrabba's.  
 Fun pencils...
Stamps... and the cutest light up apple lights.  You can see ONE of the lights hanging out of the bag, but it was really an entire STRAND of lights.
The office staff and bus driver received mini cupcakes from Bubblecake.
Ms. Robin, the bus driver, also received a 3 wick candle, Apple Pumpkin, from Bath & Body Works.  
 Nothing over the TOP exciting or creative, BUT I know they appreciated it ALL very much!

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