Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First Day of 7th Grade ~Tyson Bolling

Well, it's his second year in middle school and before I blink, he will be heading off to High School. 
I'm realizing more than ever, time is going so fast.  Before I know it, I'll be 60 years old.  Sigh...
This kid loves to aggravate every human being in our home and sometimes even the dogs, but THERE'S NO DENYING he is rocking things outside of this house.  LOL!  He has been working out all Summer with the High School Football team, he NOW plays both kicker, corner back, running back, and quarter back for the middle school football team.  He is in all advanced classes.  He is also practicing hard and often to be on the basketball team, once the season starts.  OH AND... he is STILL the ball boy for the High School Football Team, which means, he goes to EVERY home and away game. He's making me proud.
I was thankful Ty was willing to let me capture some back-to-school photos.
I'm surprised he was, smiling through most of them EXCEPT for the ones I told him to just look serious, because he was asking, in-between shots, if I could buy him unlimited data for his cell phone and I kept saying, "No!"
He was proudly sporting a Jake Paul t-shirt, his favorite youtuber, AND some George Paul Nikes.  
Two weeks before school started, we went to his school to set up his locker.  
He really set up the pencils/pens/glue/binders, but I set him up with..
Jolly Ranchers...
Crackers and Cliff Bars.
Ty even tested Jax to see if he could open his locker.  
He was then set for 7th grade.  He's too big for the first day of school signs, but he LOVES football, Jake Paul, Basketball, Prison Break, his best friend Gabe, and annoying living daylights out of anyone who lives in our home.  LOL!
Check out the view he gets to see every single day on his way to and from school
His lunch box included a note from mom, reminding him to be a light and a walking example for Jesus Christ.  I included two pencils, one read, "I Before E, Except After C" and  the other "Text Less, Write More!"
 He chose a Nike, KD Khaki Bookbag.  I love it.  It's so grown up and handsome.
 And he's using a Steeler's Football Lunch Box.
After school, on the first day, I always treat my children to a few goodies.  
On display, he received some glue to make more slime...
White out... #bigboyschoolsupplies
An Itunes gift card...
Two decks of cards (He is so into card tricks right now)
A watermelon lollipop...
Witness gear referencing John 3:16...
Ty enjoyed his first day of school, from what I could tell.  He had football practice immediately after school, so he didn't have as much time to talk to me fully about his day, when he got home.

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