Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lilah and Jax Turn 8!

Lilah and Jax turned 8 on March 25th! I am posting things slightly backwards.  There is SO much to report on, but I will start with their evening, birthday plans.  They both AGREED and desired to head up to Blacksburg and enjoy Frank's Cinebowl & Grille.  So that's what we did.  They weren't quite hungry yet, so we let them play in the arcade FIRST.
We gave them each a game card as part of their birthday present, of course, they brought additional money of their own! BIG BROTHER also received a game card since he was their party guest.
This game was so popular amongst my family.  I guess it's in our nature to gamble.  LOL!
I'm pretty sure it's just the thrill!
I rode the "roller coaster" with Jax and Lilah BOTH, at one point in the night.  I am such a wimp.  LOL!
We had a really yummy dinner at the restaurant there and then took a few after dinner photos!
As you can see, sometimes they are sweet and cooperate AND other times they are goofy and do NOT cooperate.
I didn't FINISH their birthday cakes... eeeeek, not even TODAY as we speak.  I am going to work on that soon.  So, they chose Sweet Frog as an alternative.  We went to the one in Christiansburg.  
As you can see, one of us didn't desire frozen yogurt, ONE of the adults SPLURGED, and ONE of the adults had great self-control.  
FINALLY, before we headed back to Roanoke, Lilah and Jax stood back to back and exchanged the gift that they picked out for each other.  They were so excited to see what they were about to receive.
On the count of three, they turned around to discover...
They gave each other the same exact thing!

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