Friday, March 24, 2017

Dance Photos!

Never in my life did I ever think that life would be so busy and my heart so full that some months I would only get to post two times. TRUST me, I have soooooo much to write about and post on, but TIME... Have no fear.  I plan to catch up BIG time after the twins turn 8 on Saturday!!!
Lilah had a photo shoot at Miss Mona's yesterday and during the breaks, I captured THESE photos with my own camera. The atmosphere wasn't the prettiest, but she sure made up for it.  I love costume time.  It's so much fun!
Lilah will be in three dances in her May recital.  We are always so excited to watch her perform.  This year she is taking...
And tap!
I got a little camera happy, but I figured if Teresa Custer, the photographer, doesn't capture a pose or a look that I like, then at least I have some great shots of my own.
She's such a little ham!
She started feeling the camera after a good hour and a half.  LOL! "How about this pose mom?" But the first hour she just wanted to play with her dance team members and was running away from me.  Haha.  Sigh...
I love HER and I thoroughly enjoy watching her dance. Her recital will be at the Jefferson Center in May.  Can't wait!

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