Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Final 8th Birthday Celebration!!!

Again, I am posting things OUT OF ORDER, but last night, we finally celebrated the twins' 8th birthday with cake/cupcakes. YES, their birthday was 4 days ago, but I had baked everything days ago AND ran out of time to decorate. So, I finished up their cakes/cupcakes yesterday, during the school day, and we enjoyed them after dinner.  Being the twins' are boy-girl twins, it's a little more challenging coming up with a theme, even if it's just a color theme, that works for BOTH of them.  So being we LOVE emojis, I decided to make them an emoji cake and cupcakes.  I LOVED the way they turned out.  
Let's "FACE" it, neither of these dessert items would be AS CUTE or PERFECT alone.  This is COMPLETE because of the grouping. Agree?
Above: The heart eyes emoji, smiling big.  I made a lemon cake, yellow frosting, and yellow buttercream fondant.  Below: Poo emoji cupcakes.  The cake was chocolate and double fudge icing.  I also filled the inside of the cupcakes with a yummy chocolate concoction.
The emoji cupcakes were decorated with gold foil cupcakes liners, Wilton candy eyes, and cute, tiny plastic, Mr. Potato head type pieces that I found years ago and I am so glad I purchased.  I use them ALL the time to dress up foods to look like humans.  
Girl Poo!
"Nanny, nanny poo poo!"
Upon serving the cupcakes, this happened.  HAHA.  I laughed actually.  It was a perfect photo opportunity! "Poop happens. Pick it up and keep on going!"
And now, for the final celebration.... they literally had 9 celebrations.
We sang Happy Birthday and dug in! Even daddy took a bite.
The night of their actual birthday, I presented these COOL, surprise, PAPER MACHE, emoji balls to them.  I wanted these to be opened on the same day that I presented the cake, but it just didn't work out that way. I found them at Wal-Mart for $2.48.  As you begin unraveling the paper mache, there are HIDDEN surprises waiting.  Watch the entire video to see what was inside! It's hysterical, BUT I am a proud MOMMY for the way it was handled.  
Ty told a small fib. He told his brother and sister that he made these. LOL! Not really sure why, but I corrected his fib over time. I LOVED Jax's comment, "Who would do this?" I think what he meant by that was, who would spend all of this time making their to have someone destroy it. YEA... I know. I feel that way EVERYDAY when I clean my home and you little rugrats come busting through the door to destroy EVERYTHING I have works so hard at all day. Hehe.
Inside the paper mache balls were the following: an emoji sticker, a pair of emoji earrings, a decorative hair band, a ring, and a princess crown.  I am so glad that Jax was such a good sport and it wound up being FUNNY, but seriously... what a fail. Walmart... PLEASE specify if the item is for a BOY or a GIRL so this never happens again.  
OH AND PS. Do you see the emoji face on the emoji paper mache balls? Well, I chose to RE-USE it for their cake.  HAHA. WHY reinvent the wheel when you can just re-shape it!

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