Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cheer Camp 2016

This little girl was on cloud 9 last night at Cheer Camp.  Our local High School cheerleaders work this camp, as a fundraiser for their own squad.  Last year, it was held outside, but sadly, it has been raining so much, that the first practice was held in a muggy gymnasium. The photos aren't great because I either had Lilah's backside or a big person high schooler was standing in front of Liley, but here was night 1 at Cheer Camp!
Learning a cheer! 
Getting ready to perform a learned dance.
The next five pictures are blurry and poor quality, but I still LOVE them.  Here... Lilah is playing "Little Sally Walker" and she is "it".  I love her sweet smiles.
This is Lilah's second year in cheerleading and I believe it is HERE to STAY!
Lilah with her favorite cheerleader ~ Chynna.
So cute!
 Enjoy a few videos below, too! I hope to capture some better quality photos tonight.

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