Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Surprise Trip To Kings Dominion!

When I realized that football was one week away from starting and our ability to travel would disappear, I began to panic.  I went to bed Sunday night a little sad, so I woke up Monday morning and decided, "The heck with responsibility...". I woke the kids up and I said, "Rise and Shine! It's time to get up.  Pack a bag with a snack and your ipods/chargers, we are going to KINGS DOMINION!!!" Darren couldn't go.  Work was swamped and we had almost just gotten back from Myrtle Beach, so I went alone with the kids.  He was soooooo sad and definitely felt like he was missing out.  The car ride was smooth and we arrived to Kings Dominion with ONLY the clothes on our back (no lie).
We began our FIRST.TIME.EVER experience, at Kings Dominion, by riding the Woodstock Roller Coaster.  YES... that is the one in the kiddie section and YES I was scared.  I am a tough cookie, but me and roller coasters DO NOT go way back! I don't really like them.
Here was our first experience on the coaster.  This was NOT acted out.  These are our TRUE reactions.
These photos are so hysterical to me.  I had to buy them.  I road this ride TWICE with the kids, but they road it over 15 times. It felt like we rented the entire park out to ourselves.  There were NO LINES on any rides, minus the Volcano coaster.
The below video is of Ty and Jax riding the "Back Stunt Roller Coaster".  Check it out in slow motion.  
I was super excited for the twins especially because they finally were old enough to drive their own bumper car.
When you are a drippy, sweaty MESS, you leave Kings Dominions park and waltz on over to Soak City Water Park. The price of the water park is included in with your ticket to Kings Dominion.  

I tried NOT to focus too much on capturing the moment on camera, but enjoying the moments instead, so I apologize for the poor image quality.
Every momma's worst nightmare... losing your child, but not only LOSING them, losing them at a water park.  This little boy was missing for a good 20 minutes and he refused to talk to security.  I think he must have spoken a different language.
I walked one million miles and was just ready to sit in air conditioning and cool off, so I decided to join Lilah as she ate a Sweet Frog. I looked like a over-used prostitute at this point.  LOL! Just a sweaty, dirty, make-up not right, hair frizzy mess.  
 Can you tell which one is mine and which one is her?
A pretty photo of the park from between the trees.
My trio!
We had an absolute blast.  It was definitely HOT, but I cannot tell you how awesome it was going on a Monday. NO.ONE.WAS.THERE.  We stayed from noon, when we arrived, until about 9 pm.  
So... it was too late to drive home.  I decided we would spend the night.  WHAT?!?! We had NO CLOTHES and NO TOOTH BRUSH.  I did have my make up bags, but that was about it.  So, off to Wal-mart we went to purchase our necessities.  We stay at a Holiday Inn.  Guess who showed up at 11 pm, knocking on our door?  "DADDDDDY!!!"
He couldn't stand being without us.  He even said, "I have NO idea how anyone enjoys being without their family!"  The next day, Darren took the boys back to the park and Liley and I went to Short Pump to shop until we drop!
We also got to enjoy a meal at the Cheesecake Factory!
I treated her to a few souvenirs and back-to-school outfits!
We really did shop until we dropped.  Check her out as she relaxes at the World Market.
We left the Short Pump area around 3:00 pm and told the boys we would get on the interstate and start heading back to Roanoke.  The funniest thing ever happened... I called to tell Darren and he said,  "Ha! I was just about to call you and tell you the same thing.  Where are you? I said, "Interstate 64!" And he said, "So are we! What exit?"  As soon as I told him, we spotted each other.  It was hysterical.  What are the odds.  We ended up eating a nice dinner in Botetourt and then rushed home to greet our fur babies.  Some times the most unplanned vacations turn out to be the most memorable.  I am so glad I decided to skip town!!! I am extra happy Darren joined us.  It was such an amazing time!!!

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