Friday, August 5, 2016

Lift Camp 2016

Back in June, a week after school let out, Ty became old enough to be a part of our Church youth group.  This is something that not just kids, but parents look forward to because our youth Pastor Brett is great with the kids. Ty was thrilled to be a part of the youth.  He received, from Brett and our church, an ESV Study Bible, as a gift, welcoming him into the youth. Being in the youth provides for many other great, BIG BOY/GIRL, extras, such as Renown (every Sunday night from 6pm-8pm), camping trips, and LIFT camp, just to name a few.  Ty's first experience with Lift Camp was this Summer.  Whoever signs up to go, leaves Roanoke and travels to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to reside in a Cabin, which slept 70, experience Dolly Wood and Splash Country, as well as continuing their learning about our great God and King Jesus.  

This was Tyson's first trip WITHOUT me, so I wanted to make sure he was prepared to the fullest.  Below, you see (5) large, ziplock bags, filled with daily snacks, (1) large ziplock bag filled with toiletries, and (1) large ziplock bag filled with water park needs: such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a towel.  Of course, Ty came back with more than I thought, but I live by, "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!"
We fit everything in ONE bag, believe it or not, and he was ready to go, both emotionally and physically.  
I pulled up to the church and my heart was quite nervous.  I knew I would miss him.  I knew he'd be fine and that he was in good hands, but any good momma worries when her child(ren) is out of her care.  What if he gets lost? He doesn't have cell phone.  What if he is homesick? What if he runs out of food? What if someone hurts his feelings?  What if he has to poop, but won't?  What if he runs out of money?  LOL! I feel like those are all natural concerns.  BTW, NONE of that happened.
His "gang" was ready to go.  They loaded the bus before they were even asked.  This was NOT the only bus they had going.  This is just a photo of THEIR bus.
Day 1 without him was odd and rough.  The twins looked for ways to entertain themselves: youtube Yoga with the hashtag sisters.
Sadie tucked herself into Ty's bed.  She sleeps with him every night.  This really mad me sad.  I am not sure if she was sad or thrilled to have the entire bed to herself.  She certainly needs a bed this size. Hoss.
Chynna or momma (for these three days, as I called her) took my baby and a few others under her wings.  She was kind enough to send a photo about 24 hours after he left.  He hadn't called or ANYTHING at this point.  
Later that night or maybe it was the night after, he texted a quick hello.  We exchanged photos.  He seemed happy.  Mommy and Liley were sad. Throughout Ty's absence, Jax would say periodically, "I miss Ty's aggrivatedness."  LOL!  AND after tucking him in, he came into our room sad and said, "I really miss Ty!" I think it felt weird to us all knowing he wasn't just sleeping over someone's house, but that he was sleeping far away.
Chynna also sent these photos.  These three are just a total hoot together.  I joked and said, "I don't recall packing airplane bottles into Ty's suitcase!" These photos blessed my night.  At least I knew he was happy and having a blast.  ALTHOUGH, I am NOT sure what in the world is going on in the bottom photo.  Oh these boys...
Night two (above): Sadie is starting to look lonely.  I was washing Ty's sheets to prepare a fresh bed and clean room for his arrival home.
The twins made Ty a "Welcome Home" sign.  They forgot the "E" in home.  Haha.  They said "It wouldn't have fit!"
I made Ty his favorite meal: lasagna and garlic bread.  Usually, he gets this on his birthday night.
I wanted it to be a little more personal, so I spelled out his name with turkey pepperoni.
I also made him a fun-colored cake, with a heart in Golden State Warriors colors.
We were so happy to have him home.  He was glad to be home.  The next day, he slept in until 11:00 am.  He was WIPED OUT! 
I LOVE that my first born is willing to communicate with me about everything.  He openly shared so much about his trip.  The good, the funny, the fun, the things he learned, and even a small amount of heartache.  Hehe.  It happens to the best of us.  I think experiences like this really grow an individual. It was good for ALL of us.  I think it made Ty appreciate home and it made us all appreciate Ty, even though he really does aggravate us from time to time.  


  1. So glad he had a great time!
    Congrats to you too momma, you made it through the trip!


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