Thursday, July 14, 2016

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 5

So we all know that even on vacation things can't go 100% smoothly, right?  You are off routine: staying up too late, not working out, sleeping in, eating differently, walking a ton, sweating a lot, contending with sand, and dealing with the heat.  The night before, upon arriving home we hit a few "hardships." From about 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm things were a little stressful. 1. I realized that I lost the key to the condo.  It wasn't in my purse.  It wasn't on our key ring.  It wasn't in my van.  We searched and searched and searched.  The dogs could see us, below, in the parking lot, from our BIG window and were barking like crazy, so that was stressing us out because of the people below us and above us.  I walked the condo, with my cell phone's flashlight thinking that I possibly dropped the key in the grass and NOTHING! So, my last resort was to go check an area, where I had taken photos of the kids, before leaving to go out for the night and BAM!!! I found it on the FIRST FLOOR, stair railing.  OH. MY. GOSH.  I cannot believe I found it.  Upon finding it, 2. Jax stubbed his toe so, so, so bad. Doesn't mamma always know best? I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES I have asked this kid to put shoes on.  He screamed liked he was being knifed to death, when it happened, but the next day, he was so brave.  He cut the hanging toenail off, on his own, with a regular pair of scissors.  This child is still going outside barefoot.  I could just scream sometimes.  3. After getting Jax situated, Ty and I took the dogs on a walk and Sadie injured her trachea from chasing a cat.  She had been pulling me so hard, during walks, all week, from chasing squirrels AND while bathing her, she was on a long lead leash and didn't know it and ran FULL SPEED and when she got to the end of her leash she basically got yanked back, neck should have snapped, and she yelped so loud, I was afraid to see if she was alive.  The cat chase was just the icing on the cake.  4. OH... did I mention the night before my boys also got into a small "fist fight" boxing match at the restaurant?  Sigh... Can't win them all. SO ANYWAY, I got up this particular morning and took Sadie to the animal hospital.  No biggie.  Ty went with me and by the time I got home, the twins were just waking up. This is a #REALLIFE story people.  Don't pretend these things don't happen to you.
Here is a small video of the toenail because I know inquiring minds want more than just the above photo.  LOL!

I still managed to make a yummy breakfast!
Eggs, raspberries, and oatmeal smothered in peanut butter and bacon! Don't forget HOT java too.
The new day presented new graces/mercies and we were back to having fun, being nice, and keeping our shoes on, except of course when we went to the beach.  It was a scorcher of a day! It was 101 degrees, but truly felt far hotter than that.  
We enjoyed the beach as a family.  We all swam, Jax buried my feet, Lilah sported her new shirt...
Eventually, the twins and I went back to the condo while the boys went fishing. Can you believe my 1st born caught a baby shark ALL.BY.HIMSELF????? AND I wasn't there to see it.  #sosomad BUT #sosohappy FOR HIM!
The twins and I did meet the "boys" at the pier later, but it was just so stinking hot, we didn't stay long.  We were basically their drive home, so they didn't have to walk. We spent an hour or two just rejuvenating from the sun.  My princess and I sat on the deck.  She entertained Arcadian Dunes patrons and I tried to get some of it on video without her knowledge.  You can't put much past her, hmph!
We always dress up and go out to eat at night.  If you are cooking on vacation than it just doesn't feel like vacation!!! This night we drove to the Market Commons.  LOVE.THAT.PLACE.  It's a quaint, upscale shopping center filled with a gorgeous scenery. I seized the opportunity to take some photos of the kids. They were really getting tired of me the photographer's need for so many photos.  
On the way there, the twins PASSED out! Vacation life is ROUGH!
But I am so glad I forced them to say cheese because I LOVE how these shots turned out (minus Jaxey's hair.  Sigh... I didn't use enough hair gel and the humidity was causing it to stick up).  He's still so dang handsome as ever though.
My love and I actually snuck in a photo or two, FINALLY!
We ate at Gordon Biersch Brewery.  It was absolutely delicious.  It's definite MUST TRY if you haven't been.  I had lobster tacos.  YUM!
Oversized chess anyone?  Haha.  Jax actually beat Ty!
More late night swimming. For some reason, I don't recall swimming this night, but this video was posted in the order that it was in on my cell phone, so I guess it's possible that we came home and let the swim this late again.  I'm thinking some how, this video got out of order and belongs on the previous day.  Either way, enjoy!

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