Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 4

On Day 4, we were slowly getting antsy about NOT wanting to go back into the sun.  It was starting to get hotter and hotter each day and we really just needed a break.  The kids had been begging to do some night time swimming too, so we decided to make Day #4 a shopping day!!! We ALL actually love to shop. I love that my kids are old enough to enjoy it.  We treat them to things they need and they purchase things they want.  They got a nice wad of cash from Grandnee and Grandad for their birthdays, that they still haven't spent, so they were able to shop freely with that.  You will be surprised what a kid will put back if they have to consider spending their own money.  All that to you say... there isn't much to report on, but here are the few photos I did take.
Lilah bought herself her first "Stay Southern" shirt.
My handsome boy bought himself a new VT hat!!! I love it because the top of the bill has an Hawaiian print on it.  So beachy.  
We shopped all day at the Tanger Outlets and then all night at Broadway.  We treated our kids to the coolest souvenir... a pair of light up shoes (not the kind you are thinking).  These are called "Led Walk" shoes.  There are NO batteries involved, which is nice. The shoes come with a chord, to use, to charge the shoes after wearing them.  They blink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, and purple.  They can flash, stay on one color, or blink all of the above colors. They aren't cheesy or cheap looking either.  All three of my kids wore them to Jax's baseball banquet the other night and I saw one parent looking them up on her cell phone due to curiosity. Maybe we are starting a trend in good'ol Roanoke.  

(Above): It appears as if Lilah is having a hard time switching colors, but we were in the PITCH BLACK DARK.  This was the first night that she had the shoes and she just couldn't see the buttons in the dark.  Also, I don't believe these shoes videography well.  It doesn't appear as if the shoes' colors are vivid, but in person they really are! 
For Dinner we went to a restaurant that claims they have "The greatest steaks in the Universe." It was called Angelos.  The atmosphere was NOT very entertaining or overly impressive, but MAN O DAY were their steaks crazy amazing.  You actually HEAR the steaks before you SEE them.  The steaks come out on a sizzling, hot platter.  The steak remains HOT the entire time you are eating it and they steak truly is so juicy and delicious.  The kids ate from the "Italian" buffet.  I took a bite of Ty's tortellini alfredo.  Oh my gosh, that was probably the best alfredo anything I have ever had.  I didn't try anything else, so I "quoted" Italian because I don't know for sure if it was TRUE Italian or not.  They do claim that it's authentic.
Next up, night time swimming!
So, as you see, there wasn't too much to report on, but we did pick up some great back-to-school stuff!

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  1. What a fun fun trip! They all
    Look like they had so much fun :) Those shoes, I feel like Caleb is going to be all over those.


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