Friday, July 15, 2016

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 6

On Day 6, I suggested we take a small break from the sun and requested to visit a store that I had never been to before, Hobby Lobby. YES... can you believe this crafter has never been to HOBBY LOBBY?  We don't have one close by.  The last time we were in Charlotte, I tried to go, but it was 7:59 pm on a Saturday and they were locking the doors and weren't reopening until Monday.  I love that this company is a Christian owned company  I actually read up on their Christian values and they match up to ours... to do our best to do all things to glorify God.  I snapped a photo of a few of their cute signs that I wanted to buy, but I couldn't buy them all.  We are truly out of wall space.
We ate lunch at Mission Barbeque and then went to the Bass Pro shop.  Our plan was to drop the boys off to FISH AGAIN and the twins and I would run to a few more shops and I would treat them to something fun!
Our first stop was to the (above) World Market.  Have I mentioned that World Market is LIFE? I bought some adorable accessories for our new family office.  Then we headed to the Coastal Grand Mall.  I treated the kids to a bull ride and one other carnival game.
This little boy is such a handsome dude! His dimples. His smile. His sweet sensitive spirit.  I just love HIM! He was so happy to finally get to ride the electronic bull.  He has been dying for this experience for almost two years now.  I finally caved.  
Sadly, and although that smile above doesn't seem so, I don't think it was all it was cracked up to be, simply because it was an $8 "ride" and he only lasted 32 seconds.  
Lilah held on longer than Jax did and of course that made him upset teared up. I believe she held on for 1 minute (give or take a few seconds.). No brother wants to lose to his sister.  

As usual, we came home and then got ready to spend the night on the town.  Daddy already had a dinner place in mind, which was SOOOOO nice and SOOOOO helpful.  Had he not, we would have spent 20 minutes driving around or contemplating where to eat.  There are just so many choices and we are afraid to pick a doozy. Darren chose for us to eat at the Wild Wing Cafe. I loved the atmosphere a lot.  There was a live band playing and they were really animated. Their music selections were all over the place, pleasing almost every single age group in the crowd.  

I was FULLY entertained.  It's amazing when someone drinks alcohol how well they think they can dance.  I humored a large table of African Americans on my way out by saying, "I still say WHITE PEOPLE can't dance!" They all were dying laughing.  I was referring to a table of older, white folks who had had far too much to drink and were really breaking it down.  

After dinner, we shopped at Barefoot's Landing. We found our family souvenir.  It's a store called, "The Best Gift Idea EVER".  And it is so true.  It's filled with photographs of things shaped out of letters.  Each of our family members were assigned a letter and they got to pick a photograph that represented them or us.  We were being so loud in the store as we "bickered" about which letters to agree on.  It was so much fun.  In the end, this is what we came up with...
B = Seashells
O = Basketball
L = Football Lines
L = Dog Paw
I = Dumbells
N = Coffee Beans
G = Glenvar
It represents our family WELL and it is hanging in our new family office.
We went to "It's Sugar".  I was so humored by these presidential mints.
This was one of my favorite days!!! It was just fun! PS.  The boys didn't catch any fish.  

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