Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 3 - 4th Of July

Vacation life was starting to "set in" and the kids began sleeping in pretty "late" compared to life back at home.  I would cook breakfast almost directly in the same room (kitchen and living room are open faced) and they wouldn't budge. We have a two bedroom condo, but they love sleeping on the pull out couch, together, so they can watch television before bed.  We don't have cable, at home, so all of the television choices really adds to the vacation enjoyment.  Sadie and Simon even snuggled up on the couch. I am not sure how well they all slept, but I never heard any complaints.
This particular morning, I even caught these two getting along in their sleep.  So sweet!
Along with my red, white, and blue pineapples, I made a red, white, and blue french toast, egg WHITES, and sausage!
It was seriously SOOOOOO delicious and filling.  I was a little tickled about the way the entire presentation turned out.
Tada! #fourthofjulybreakfast
 I also packed some 4th of July snacks for my kids.  #debbiecakes and #dogtreats.  
We spent a large part of the day on the beach.  I loved having everyone dress up in patriotic colors.  The kids were feeling the excitement and at one point in the morning, each of my kids said "This is going to be such a fun day!"
We didn't leave home without our American "Flag" in hand: #flipflops and #hersheykisses.
The waves were a little rough on the 4th.  They LOVED that because it made for great wave riding!
After several hours on the beach, we were ready for some air conditioning.  We were already slowly running out of food, so I decided to splurge a little by making some ham and cheese, buffalo wing, pretzel crisps.  
Then, Darren and I snuck off to the beach ALONE!  Okay, we didn't really sneak off.  We did tell our trio, but they wanted to finish up a show that they were watching and continue relaxing.  We had NO complaints.  It was wonderful being together as a couple. The beach crowd was intense, but it made it more fun.  We love to people watch! LOL!
After we were done with the sun, we got all decked out in our 4th of July outfits and headed to the House of Blues. It's definitely one of OUR favorite places to go.  This was only our second time, but it brings so much joy watching my kids have fun and letting loose.  The "Deck" always seems to have a live band in addition to hoola hoops, firepits, and sandpits.  You can order food out on the "Deck", but the menu is very different from inside, so we chose to eat inside and come back outside afterwards.  A special thank you to our "Deck" waitress for being willing to take a family photo.  I LOVE THIS SHOT! The HOB had some great backgrounds for photography.
Sometimes you can't decide what photo to post, so you just post them all.  Although very similar, there are some slight differences (facial expressions, stances, etc) and I love them ALL!
 The smiles/dimples and laughter was so sweet! The twins enjoyed hoola hooping to LOUD music.
Lilah was MORE serious and Jax was definitely letting loose.
Go Jax, go!
My girl is definitely going to have to be locked up when she is bar eligible.  I can tell she loves this scene a ton! She is just simply a natural performer and loves to be on stage.  This was right up her alley! At one point, she had to use the restroom and on the way out, she had to fix her hair, in the mirror, before returning on "stage".  LOL!
Such a cutie patootie!
We left HOB about 9:45 pm and headed back to the beach for fireworks. I didn't bother taking a ton of photos of them.  We all know what fireworks look like.  It was a late night, but that's OK because it's VACATION!

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