Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Picture Day ~ 2016

Being a mom is definitely the hardest job I have and will ever have, but when I look at these photos, I am gleaming with joy and gratitude.  It's really hard to believe that my oldest will be 11 in just a short two months.  AND that means that in 7 fast years, he will be 18. It's so true that when you are in the moment it's really hard to truly cherish it for the gift that it is, but realizing that in 7 short years my child will be headed off to college, that makes my heart pound and ache. I am not normally the one saying, "time slow down", but TIME SLOW DOWN!
Today, Fort Lewis Elementary School is offering Spring photos, and we are participating.  Time snuck up on me, so I just grabbed some new, cute, Spring outfits that are in their closets.  Not quite coordinated, but they don't take group photos anyway, so it doesn't matter. Starting with the youngest Bolling kid first...
Jax is beautiful inside and out.  He has a heart of gold.  He's Sensitive. Caring. Tender-hearted. Great Athlete. Excellent Student.  The Best Snuggler.  Growing at lighting bolt speed.  He will be bigger than his brother.  My prayer is that the Lord saves him young and that he grows out of being as bashful as he is.  He is still a big crier, but he has improved a ton.  
This girl is all that and a bag of chips.  "It's True".  She definitely keeps me laughing and certainly will be the one that keeps me up at night.  She's... Fun. Smart. Spunky. Beautiful. Loving. A Social Butterfly. And Confident.  She makes me happiest when I am watching her dance.  Amazing Reader.  It is my prayer that the Lord saves her young and that she desires to be a rebel for Jesus.  I want her to be a girl gone wise in a world gone wild!!!
#blessed and #thankful
"My Ty Guy".  The best thing about this kid is that he's so well-rounded.  He befriends everyone.  No one is beneath him.  He's a smart jock.  He's...Smart. Handsome. Eager. Determined. Loyal. Very Responsible. Caring. AND Witty.  He thinks that he's a grown up and enjoys being knee deep in conversations that Darren and I have.  It is also my prayer that the Lord rescues his heart and saves him young.  He would make life easier on himself if he loved and protected his siblings more than fretting them.  
 How can I not sing praise to Jesus who gave these 3 to me?

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