Monday, March 14, 2016

Bulls Basketball Banquet

Yesterday, Jax and his team had their basketball banquet.
The banquet was held at our local bowling alley, Lee-Hi Lanes. 
The boys started their banquet playing with balls, but not with a basketball, but rather, with bowling balls. LOL!
 Jax seemed to enjoy himself.
 Of course, apple products interrupted THIS FUNCTION TOO!
 After a few games of bowling, the boys got to pig out on some yummy food!
They also received a goody bag of candy and basketball trading cards.  THANK YOU Melissa for putting this entire banquet together.
 BULLS cupcakes!
Can he be anymore HANDSOME???
Jax received his trophy with a HUGE grin on his face.
Coach Scott said that Jax was "the best defensive player on the team."
The Bulls ended their season only losing ONE game!!! Way to go Bulls.

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