Saturday, March 5, 2016

Homemade Guess Who?

As the homeroom parent, I am responsible, in March, for coming up with an art project, which involves the 5th graders of Mrs. Harlow's class.  The students should be involved in someway and the project will be auctioned off during Art Night! Most parents, throughout the years, use finger prints and handprints.  That's the easiest way to include everyone, but I was kind of "over" those ideas.  I decided to create something USEFUL, fun, practical, and funny.  I took an ordinary game of "Guess Who?" and turned it into a "Guess Which Classmate?"
First, purchase a brand new "Guess Who?" game at Amazon.  
Then, go to the school and take photos of each classmate, teacher included, up against the same exact background.  I chose a shaded, brick wall.
 Some of the students chose to use props just to add a little more comedy to their photos.
Insert photos into a word document.  I formatted the photos to be size 1.4 x 1.80.  
After you insert the photos, create a text box.  Inside the text box add the students names.
I used the font "Marker Felt".
After printing the word document, I took the sheets to DTS and had these sheets laminated this way a  spilled drink, spit, ink, or food won't ruin the game faces.
Cut out the photos.  Align them onto the Guess Who original game pieces.  Adhere them together using double sided tape.
Insert students into playing "board".
What the players will see as they are playing.
Below: What each player will see as they sit across from their opponent.
The cards below are the cards used to decide which "person" will be up for "guessing who".  
I used the same, but slightly LARGER photos of each student and taped them onto the playing cards.
I am not going to lie...this game took about 6 hours to make.  There was just a lot of semantics to figure out.  A lot of manipulating.  A lot of scaling and measuring.  I am glad it's COMPLETE.
I'm just THRILLED with how awesome it turned out.  I added "FLES 5th Grade 2015-2016" in an empty game slot. If the winner of the auction wants to play the original game, all they have to do is pop out the student pieces and flip the original game pieces over.
I took a small video clip to show the front and the back at the same time.  It was a realllllly windy day, so that worked out to my advantage.


  1. Such a cute idea! I have been wanting to do this with family members to help the girls recognize family that live out of town or have already passed away. Never knew how to do it, can't wait to collect the photos and follow your instructions!

    1. Thank you Lauren. Good luck. I was so relieved when I finally delivered it to school. But I think I may be making another one for Ty, for graduation. He was upset to see it go.


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