Sunday, March 6, 2016

Valentine's Day! ~2015

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day - - - SUNDAY! Eeeeeek.  We will NEVER do that again.  It was a little rushed due to our early a.m. Church agenda AND Jax had a basketball game immediately following church. I still made time to decorate and disperse gifts, but I would have LOVED to have done what we did last year.  The kids are still talking about it. 
The lighting, in my kitchen, was not coming out good, so I took a short video clip of how everything was set up for the kids instead.  
I try to make the kids' gifts EQUAL.  It always seems like Lilah lucks out the best, but she really doesn't.  The gift options for girls are always so much better though. Here was Lilah's stash.  Valentine's Shopkins.  It was a exclusive from Target.  
Beautiful Day: Lotion and Soap.
Puppy BIG EYES! She's got quite the collection of these cute stuffed animals.
Her VERY OWN Ceramic Coffee Cup!
The Adele CD.
Lilah always get a special gift from her daddy, especially picked out from him!
This stuffed bear from Hallmark melted MY heart.  Her reaction was very sweet and priceless as always. She loves special gifts from her daddy.  WHO doesn't?
This is the sweetest duo.  A "love you" heart with "BE MINE" earrings.  
Lilah is learning ONE OF THE WAYS a man should treat her! She will never have to worry her worth because her daddy always puts her first.
Jax & TY received an NBA Sticker Collection Book each.  
I also bought them SEVERAL Packs of STICKERS.
They each got a $15 iTunes Gift Card.
Jax got his own "Do NOT Enter' Diary.
Rain-Blo Gum fro his bubblegum machine.  
I always make Ty his very own, special box of "chocolates".  Since he is a hater of chocolate, I go and buy unique, bulk candy and fill an old heart-shaped box.  
Ty received the "The Son of Neptune".
Fishing Hooks.
Even our pooches got a few yummy new snacks.  One of their snacks was heart-shaped cookies, filled with apple jelly.  
The kids each received their own unique coupons from mommy that they could redeem when they desired.  The first coupon Jax redeemed was a one for a GREAT BIG HUG.  Of course, he can get one of these WHENEVER he wants, but this was an extra special hug.
Here is what the kids thought about their "LOVELY" gifts. You ONLY see Lilah and Jax because Ty was still sleeping.  


  1. So cute! You have some pretty lucky kiddos! I love the idea of filling the old heart box with other goodies besides chocolate! At Christmas I empty candy boxes and fill with money in the candy slots for my teenagers. Depending on the year they have gotten $100 or maybe just $20. I fold it all up into different shapes and also get some gold dollars. They love it!

    1. So fun!!! I love being creative and they benefit. Haha. Your idea is neat too. As they get older, I'm realizing money is getting more popular.


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