Monday, February 15, 2016

Sadie and Simon ~ Snow Fun!

We had a HUGE snow a few weeks ago and I am JUST NOW getting around to posting Sadie and Simon's snow-fun. If I am not mistaken, this was Sadie's second and Simon's FIRST snow experience.  Coincidentally, it snowed another 10" last night so I am having total dejavu. These two dogs add so much comedy and joy to our lives.  They are definitely an extra responsibility, but I think the overall love and companionship we receive from them is well worth every second.  
Sadie LOVES the snow!!!
Sadie and Simon enjoyed a good dog fight in the snow.
I like to call them Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  You might think Simon is Devito and Sadie is Schwarsenegger. Size are correct, in your thinking, but attitude wise, it's the other way around.  
I LOVE OUR Sadie girl!!! She's so powerful and fierce, but is also so loving.  
Simon is a great "guard" dog.  He's definitely vocal and has truly help me understand the meaning of "ankle biter". I love his intense NEED to snuggle. He ONLY loves his family and other animals.  He's not really into other human beings.  If you are reading and you believe he likes you, then consider yourself an awesome person. Haha.  
Sadie, on the other hand, LOVES everything and everyone, especially the trash can and other dogs. LOL!

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