Monday, February 15, 2016

Cupcakes, YUM-EEEE!

I have been making some delicious cupcakes over the last few weeks. Sadly, I haven't eaten them, but that just means I am blessing others and ingesting LESS calories. I do NOT share my recipe, but I do share the taste, by allowing others to eat them, and of course you can always check out their appearance through photographs.  
The first round of cupcakes I made was for two birthdays and one contest I was running! They were oreo cookie cupcakes: chocolate cake, creme filling, and buttercream icing.  I placed a mini oreo and a heart-shaped cookies and cream chocolate bar. 
The second round was for the teachers at Fort Lewis Elementary School. They worked late for a day of  parent/teacher conferences. I signed up to bring them dessert.  These cupcakes were white chocolate reese's cup cupcakes: vanilla cake, french vanilla filling, a a White Chocolate, Mini Resee's Cup on top.  
I chose to swirl the normal buttercream icing with some creamy, jiff peanut butter.  Ty said they were excellent.  

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