Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Every Christmas, our family does something to celebrate Jesus' birthday! This year, we made him a 3 layered cake.  We made a green, red, and fun-fetti white layered cake.  
My little helpers were being mighty goofy!
Lilah made the green layer.
Jax made the red layer.
Tyson made the fun-fetti layer.
The cake pan was so full that the center of the cake would NEVER fully bake (in the center).  I decided to cut the center out using a biscuit cutter.
I frosted the cake and smothered it with red, white, and green sprinkles.  Then I stuck our "Jesus is the reason for the season" ornament, onto the top.  
We saved the cake for our dinner/dessert with Grandad and Grandnee.
We had them at our home this year.  I didn't spend too much time decorating the table.  Just a quick, simple, and festive winter table.
Before grandad and grandee arrived, we took a few family photos.  
Grandad and Grandee supplied dinner and we supplied the dessert.
Thanks self-timer for a sweet family photo.  
The kids begged to open gifts FIRST, so we did.
Each of the kids got a FUN-colored pair of BEATS headphones.
They each received a set of WHEELS.  Lilah and Jax received an electric scooter.  Ty got a very sharp looking skate board from Zumiez. Each of them also received a few other items.
Our dinner was very delicious. We had fried chicken, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, and potato salad. Thanks again Reid and Renee for bringing dinner to us.
Then we CHOWED down on Jesus' cake.  I have to say.... I liked it a little too much.  It was so delicious.  
Below is a small video of the cake before I decided to use the ornament as the cake topper.
Happy Birthday Jesus! We are so thankful for your self-less act on the cross. Thank you for being the propitiation for our sins. Thank you for saving us from eternal death and giving us, who believe, eternal life.

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