Sunday, January 10, 2016

Feeding Santa and His Reindeer!

Each year, without fail, we make sure to leave milk and cookies for Santa.  The kids get dressed up in their new, Christmas jammies (which by the way...poor Ty... his pjs were NOT quite what I would ever buy him. I had been to every single local and online store. I couldn't find ANYTHING good. At the last minute, he and I snagged these elf pajamas in the men's section, at K-mart.  The bottom of the pants had jingle bells and it came with a hat. Better luck next year.). Each of them has a responsibility.  This year, Jax colored two pictures for Santa, so he was responsible for leaving the pictures/note for Santa! Ty carried the cookies and Lilah carried the milk.  
Jax wanted Santa to know that, "[He] could keep both of [the notes]!"
Isn't our homemade Santa cookie + mustache adorable?  
I am really hoping this is NOT the last year Ty is willing to join in on this tradition.  He doesn't believe anymore, but he is a sweet, BIG brother and pretends for the sake of his siblings.  
After feeding Santa, we also feed his reindeer.  Each year, we make our own reindeer food, but this year, Lilah and Jax's teacher, Mrs. Thomsen, passed out this cute note and a zipblock baggie of reindeer food, so we used this food, this year, instead of making our own.
Getting ready to feed the reindeer.  Check out the photo bomber in the back, yawning.  He knew how much we had left to do before going to bed, haha.  No sleeping allowed.
You can hear Ty's pjs jingling in this video.  The weather was wet and foggy. The kids biggest challenge in feeding the reindeer is keeping the food IN THE GRASS.  This is the part that drives Darren and I's OCD a little crazy. LOL!

Jax asked Santa if he would leave a real picture of himself.  Santa was so kind to do so.  He drank ALL of the milk, but left a few cookie pieces.  I am sure it's HARD to eat so many cookies in one night.
Until next year Santa!

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