Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5th Grade Christmas Party!

We HAVE to call it a "holiday" party, but let's face it... CHRIST-mas is celebrated because of the BIRTH of CHRIST! Sorry, got off on a tangent.  LOL!  The 5th graders had a lovely party thanks to the parents. Everyone did a remarkable job signing up for all of the needs and even going above and beyond making things all cute and pinteresty! As I mentioned in this post, I coordinated and suggested "Tacky-Ugly Sweater" contest.  BELOW are the invitations that I designed and sent out to each student. I made cute printables to tape onto of the blank lines, making it a tad more fun to receive.  
The sweater contest wasn't mandatory, but those who arrived with tacky sweaters on would be judged and prizes would be administered.  I was responsible for (4) prizes and another parent was responsible for the other (4) prizes.  Each class had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winner.  I bought (2) Handblown, LED Glass Globes.  
I also purchased (2) of these adorably, UGLY sweater cookie kits.  LOL!
The other parent purchased (2) gingerbread train kits and (2) photo snow globes.
I wrapped ALL of the prizes and attached a tacky sweater pen on top!
We kept the food REALLY simple, since the party was immediately after lunch.  
Dessert was reindeer cupcakes and tacky sweater cupcakes, lined up like a tacky sweater.  Look closely.  These were made by Mrs. Dillman and Mrs. Wilkinson.  
Fruit platters: shaped like Christmas trees.  So clever. I believe Mrs. Hylton made ONE. I forget who made the other.
A veggie platter.  
Decorative water bottles.
The kids weren't ready to eat, so we played the FIRST game.  We divided boys against girls.  Handed over a BUCKET filled with Christmas Tree decorations and told them to decorate the tallest girl and the tallest boy to look like a Christmas tree.  It all happened so fast and in a total swarm of people (similar to what you envision on the worst Black Friday Shopping day ever).  
It was fast, funny, and festive!
Mrs. Vangerven cut out Christmas shapes.  
She also sent in beautiful, Christmas cardstock.  These items would be used to make a family member or friend a Christmas card. 
Mrs. Vangerven also bagged up a Santa hat cutouts and cotton balls.  
Such a cute idea.
I sent in glitter pens.  
And sharpies, stuck in festive, Christmas sprinkles.  
The kids weren't overly interested in this part, but Mrs. Hylton got them working on it anyway.  I guess they work all day long at a desk, they just wanted to play and eat.  
I was stunned at how many students actually participated in the tacky sweater party!  Look at all of the ugliness below.  
Mason, below, had the BEST sweater in my opinion because it was an ACTUAL tacky sweater that his grandma bought to wear because she liked it, not because she thought it was tacky.  Mason actually won first place.  Check out the neckline.  
I thought the below sweater was cool.  When she put her hands together she was a Christmas tree.  
Last, we played a game called "Merry Fishmas".  Using a large candy cane, try to catch the little candy canes.
Time is running out.  These fifth graders are soon becoming 6th graders and I bet classroom parties are extinct.  

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