Sunday, December 13, 2015

Glenvar Littles Highlanders Football Banquet

The Glenvar Little Highlanders had a REMARKABLE football season. We ended the season 12-0 and headed to the SuperBowl!  Of course, you all have read how that game ended!
It was time to celebrate and be together ONE last time, at the banquet.  We held our banquet at our church (West Salem Baptist Church). When the boys arrived, they were asked to sign their names onto part of the coaches' gifts (a 5x7 photo framed)!
There they their autographs!
Gretchen and I decorated earlier that day!
After signing their autographs, the team sat and watch continual feed from every game this season.  NORMALLY, Darren does a highlight video, but he decided that ONE person doesn't make up a team.  A team is created by a group of HARD working boys that work together.  He didn't want to highlight ONE player, but rather the team, working together, as a whole.
The team had their OWN table to sit and eat at!
All of the parents brought Super Bowl type foods!!!  
One of the player's moms drew each boy there OWN poster aka place mat with their names on it and a football slogan!
We had two desserts! Chocolate truffles (sporting Glenvar colored sprinkles) and a large cake!
The it was time for the awards!!! Each player received their own moment to shine as Darren and Nick spoke about what they loved about each of them! Darren purchased the boys a special plaque, with a photo of their teammates inserted into it.  The plaque stated their 12-0 season, their team chant, and their team name! Darren told the boys.
"Everyone has a trophy and over the years, you are going to forget who was on that team, as you continue to receive trophy after trophy! So that is why I chose a team photo plaque.  This way, when you look back at this season and this "trophy", you can recall who was on your team!"
Each coach had a final chance to speak, since Coach Nick and Coach Darren sorta spoke the entire time.  LOL!
What Coach Nick had to say about Ty!
The team mom spoke and passed out the Coach's gifts! Michelle put together 6 shutterfly photo books that highlighted the entire football season.  It is a true treasure!

The boys did their team chant ONE LAST TIME...until next year!

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