Sunday, November 15, 2015

Glenvar Littles Highlanders Vs. "Littles" Boonsboro Broncos

It was an absolute honor to have an undefeated football season and to make it to the Salem Sandlot Super Bowl.  Darren was pacing the floors game day! We kept game day low key.  We wanted our boys to treat this game day like any other day game day so that they wouldn't be distracted or preoccupied from tailgating or what-have-you.  Some of the parents did make some posters for the team, which I thought was sweet, but other than that, we kept things normal.  Our team played the last bowl game of the day (4:00 pm).  The Salem Stadium was PACKED.  Once I arrived, I was pumped, but I was also beginning to feel Darren's nerves. 
Pre-game: Lilah paints her own nails, for the first time, green and gold!
Before the game, the boys went over some plays and practiced for a few. Above and below the coaches and team start walking towards the field.
It was windy, gloomy, a cold, but the rain was holding up.
The cheerleaders were READY for those boys to run onto the field.
The coaches and players were jumping aka bouncing up and down to the beat of music they were playing.  I am pretty sure the song was Enter Sandman.
 And their off... running the field.  Ty is jersey #1.  He lead the team.
I'm pretty sure these guys were PUMPED.
#1 Ty and #44 Cooper.
The captains walk the field, for the coin toss.   #38 Elijah Pack, #90 Nick Woodson, #13 Evan Custer, #1 Ty Bolling.
Let's "Play Ball!"
 Ty hands it off to Gabe and BAM... Gabe breaks right through the middle.
 We got some yardage, but let's try that again!
Eventually, we scored! Ty was up for the kick!
 He made it!!!!!
Prior to the game, I invited Coach Clifford (Glenvar High School Coach who's team was also 12-0 at the time) and the high school players to come watch.  Coach Clifford changed his plans to go watch a wrestling match to come.  Coach Clifford's son, Zach, is also the Quarter Back of the HS team.  Darren and Coach Clifford have a lot in common.  Haha.
Coach Nick and Coach Darren.  I love these shots.
"Go Jackson, GO! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!"
Ty's up for the kick again and SCORES!!!!!!!!!!
Pep talk!
Cooper, Ashton, and several other players got injured this night.  It's not typical, so we were surprised.  We later found out what was going on. I'll explain later.
 My little QB handing it off to his BF the "Horse" #43.
Don't give up COOP!
You cannot stop Jackson Swanson #42.  There is NOT ONE BONE IN HIS BODY that says QUIT.
Black and White of Ty.
Ashton Shannon #41 on the block.
The game ended 18-22.  TEARS AND MORE TEARS.
We ended the SuperBowl the way we began and ended EVERY game, with PRAYERS of THANKSGIVING.  
I am cutting this post short because I have got to get in the shower for church now, so I will post on the awards ceremony later and fill you in on what we found out about this team after the game, which is why our players were getting injured etc. Enjoy the entire 200 photos below, if you dare, by double clicking on the online photo album.

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