Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wacky Tacky Day!

Fort Lewis Elementary School and the SCA had a "Wacky Tacky" day!!! It was the easiest and most peaceful morning we've had all year because we just let the kids dress up and go out the door looking whatever way they wanted! I HAD ZERO involvement in what they wore that day! Here's what they came up with:
Ty has no shame! HE went to school with Jax's tightey, whitey, alligator undies on top of his head.
My goofball Jax!  He looks like an elf!
I love how Lilah and Jax shared these shoes equally.  Both sporting one green and one hokie colored sneak!

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  1. Lilah and jaxs facial expressions!! Oh my goodness :) it should be on a calendar or card or on something!


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