Monday, November 16, 2015

Glenvar Littles Super Bowl Award Ceremony (2015)!

The final score of the Super Bowl was 18-22. You can tell by the looks on the players faces, we lost.  Ty sobbed. He absolutely N-E-V-E-R cries, unless he is being spanked, LOL.  I am SURE much of this is real emotion and let down, but I cannot help but think some of it is for show and sympathy.  I'll give it to them 100%, especially after what we found out immediately following the awards ceremony!
Gabriella received her award!  Sweet girl cried because she saw the football players crying and it made her so sad.
Ty receives his award!
Some held their head high, but others were lifeless.  
(Below): The amazing coaches that gave it their ALL: blood, sweat, tears, and prayers! Not to mention, their time, effort, sacrifice from other family members etc. They were completely and fully dedicated and passionate for not only the game of football, but also as mentors to these tough, little boys.  It was, by far, my favorite coaching staff yet, although I did miss Zach Harris.  
So what did we find out after the game?  WELL...I'm glad you asked.  A nice man from Lynchburg, traveled to Salem to watch the Super Bowl.  He specifically came to watch our game.  He informed us that the Boonsboro Broncos were a spliced together, ALL-STAR team, consisting of multiple 11 and 12 year old boys.  NICE! Our boys are ONLY 9 and 10 year olds. Despite the fact that the game started out already as an unfair match, what we were MOST upset about was the SAFETY of our players?? Over the last several weeks, ALL OVER THE NEWS, it has been discussed that football is becoming banned in many schools due to it's safety issues.  A 12 year old has NO BUSINESS tackling a 9 or 10 year old. Darren personally confronted one player, as well as the head coach of the opposing team, the day after the SuperBowl (at Jax's biddy bowl), and it was confirmed.  Most of the parents on our team, including myself, have contacted the City of Salem and the City of Bedford filing complaints and seeking not only an investigation, but also a public apology. We have requested the gold metals get turned in.  Realistically, nothing will probably come of it.  I am so thankful, despite many injuries during that game, the Lord sustained our boys fully.

Life is NOT fair and neither was this football game.  HOW those Boonsboro Broncos can rejoice is beyond me?!?!?! OF course 12 year olds can beat 9 year olds. That's a no brainer.  We had a successful season and ONE loss will NEVER take that away from the GLENVAR coaches, players, or fans!!!! "One Heart, One Goal, One TEAM!"
The key to any, big or little, man's heart, is FOOD.  After the game, I picked up a gigantic calzone and banana, pudding pie ice cream, from the Salem Ice Cream Parlor, for both my BIG and little boys!!!! #comfortfood  I'm am so happy to have normalcy back.  Until next year... #peaceoutfootball.

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