Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"TY!!!!!!!!!!!! Come Back...DEER!!!!!"

Oh my Tyson... he's such an interesting character.  Straight A student, Vice President of his school, loved by all of his peers and teachers, amazing athlete, and his knowledge of the Gospel is insane! An all around cool kid, until he gets around the twins and I.  Haha.  This week has been an interesting week with him.  He has tested and tried my patience like there was no tomorrow, YESTERDAY.  But, today, it was sincerely BLISSFUL! Lots of hugs, well behaved, kind and encouraging to his siblings, and loads of laughter.  I love days like that. 
This video above was taken about two weeks ago. We were hanging out in the kitchen, after school one day, and I spotted four deer.  I told the kids to quietly go to the sliding glass door, so we could stare at them.  EVERYONE listened, BUT TY. Where did he go? OUT THE GARAGE DOOR, with his BB gun in HAND, to shoot the DEER!  Thanks JAKE SHAFFER for your hunting influence.  Sigh... I tried to capture Ty, but he was hiding on the side of the house.  

AND as if that BB gun incident was NOT enough, guess what I spotted today after taking down the Christmas lights, in Lilah's room? A BROKEN WINDOW!!! From what you may ask? Well...I'll tell you.  An intuitive little boy, who thought shooting his basketball net, with his bb gun, would be fun. The bb bypassed the already broken backboard and hit Lilah's window, shattering it. This apparently happened, a few weeks back, while Darren and I were in D.C, but he didn't have the heart to tell us because he "thought [he] would get in trouble!" The insurance company politely reminded me of our $1,000 deductible that we have to pay BEFORE they would cover the cost to replace Lilah's bedroom window.  Ty said, "I figured it up. I will have to work about 1,000 days to pay this off!" Yes! Yes you will. Needless to say, the BB gun is GONE, G-O-N-E and we are considering this an early blessing/warning from the Lord that GUN SAFETY is key, even IF it's just a bb gun.