Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Homemade Cookies and Milk For Santa (2014)

99 Traditions down and just a few more to go.... Next up, homemade cookies and milk for Santa.  That jolly old guy "better watch out" NOT to eat too many cookies or he's going to be needing a key, instead of a chimney, to get inside. LOL! Our cookies turned out so pretty this year, so it was hard to part with them, but you just CANNOT NOT leave Santa milk and cookies. The kids each picked out a cookie for Santa. Ty carried the cookies, Lilah carried the milk, and Jax carried the hand-written note to the floor, near the fireplace.  
What cookies were chosen? An "S" for Santa, a santa cookie, and a decorative Christmas Tree.
Of course we left Santa a note that read, "We love you Santa? Merry Christmas! Enjoy OUR mll and cookies. Love, Ty, Lilah, and Jax"