Friday, December 5, 2014

Salem City Parade 2014

This is our 5th Annual small group gathering at the, Salem City Christmas Parade! Our children attended this tradition last year without us.  Darren and I were out of town, so we don't have any photos of our 2013 viewing of the parade, but here is the post from 2012.  I enjoy just being with our small group, no matter where we are or what we are doing.  Supposedly, the parade was such a dud last year, my boys weren't even excited about going this year.  It wasn't until they got here that they were appreciative. Lilah begged to go.  I think this year's parade was the best to date. The specticals were much better quality.

Our entire small group was there, minus the Fernandez family.  Aaron and Lisa were just getting back from Cancun, so they couldn't make it.  It seems like one family always seems to miss out on this group tradition.  
Erin brought lollipops for all of the kids. It was a smart way to keep them still, patient, and occupied prior to the parade starting.  
 My girls are CUTE!
 Hugs from the fire dog!
 My favorite part of the parade is the clowns!!!
 Little baby Aliza was also there.
This is Aliza's first year joining us.  
Catching bubbles from one of the floats.
 Hugs from Frosty the Snowman!
 Frozen was a BIG theme in this parade.  This trailer above is Lilah and Jaxon's preschool from last year.
 We felt like we were at Disney again :)
Until next year... 2 traditions down and about 20 more to go.....