Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ariel, Chippey, Napoleon, and Rozee's Shenanigans

Our elves are already getting into things and wrecking havoc.  LOL!  Here are a few things are elves have been up to already this 2014 December!

Below: Napoleon, Ty's elf, left him a message on the mirror.  "Brush your tooth!" Ty had 4 teeth pulled 1.5 years ago and they have YET to grow in. The last time Napoleon saw Ty, one year ago, he only had ONE tooth. He still has ONLY one front tooth.  
Chippey, Jax's elf, is a wanna be "Zach Harris".  Our church friend Zach, races at a local speedway.  His car number is #64. Chippey had the car, the number and the name tag.  He just needed a beard and a frown.  At least Chippey knows how to turn his frown upside down. :)
This is an on going joke, each year, between a church friend, Zach Harris. Zach, aka #64, HATES our elf tradition, so I am certain to include him in on the elves' shenanigans, just to annoy him.  Zach races at a local speedway and Chippey wants to be JUST LIKE him. I'm not sure why. LOL! I hope Zach knows we are just picking on him and finds humor in it all.  

Ariel and Rozee, Lilah's elves, did what girls do!!! They met for tea time!  Real tea, sugar and creme included.  They spelled out "tea time" with rainbow gripz cookies.  They used a candy cane to stir their sugar and creme into the tea.  
This morning, ALL of the elves were caught playing checkers.  I guess elves play checkers TOO, but they like to use peppermint pieces instead of checker pieces.  
They wrote an "R" for Rozee and an "A" for Ariel, so they could tell who's peppermints were who's.  
MOST of my ideas come at the last minute...a 5:00 am.  LOL!  That happened with the checkers.  I was so glad that I had a left over back of peppermints from last year. The kids are enjoying this so much!!!