Monday, December 8, 2014

"In The Mood For Christmas" ~ Recital #5

Lilah's 5th Recital was yesterday!  The title of the recital was, "In The Mood For Christmas!" Our girl did INCREDIBLE.  It was the best recital, to date, for her.  She smiled and performed just as I had hoped. I thought she looked like a little doll. Backstage...
She melts my heart!  I LOVE her freckles!!! You rarely see people with them anymore.  So unique. She begged for the hot red lipstick and I agreed.  I am glad I did it because it made her pop on stage :)
Destiny agreed to help watch the girls back stage!!  I am so glad Lilah had a "worker" that she knew and felt comfortable with.
Lilah invited her friend, Aiyanna, from preschool, to try ballet and she loved it.  So now, she is one of Lilah's ballet classmates.
Santa Al.  
My kids enjoy watching Parker in action (3rd one from the left, below).  He's so talented!
Lilah and her classmates performed to "A Green and Red Christmas" song by Miss Piggy and Kermit.  
We practiced our stage performance after church.  I reminded her how much more beautiful a smiling dancer is.  You can tell she took my advice.  I love her!! Such a beautiful dancer.
It's so hard watching AND capturing photos, hence the limited amount of photos.
Eden (middle) was in Lilah's class last year.  I thought she looked beautiful in green.
This would make a PRICELESS Christmas card!
Emma is Lilah's inspiration.  She's a fantastic dancer!
Annie (below) is Emma's sister. She's ALSO following in her footsteps :)
There's Parker again! He always has several appearances in our recitals.
You'd think Emma was my daughter.  I have more photos of her than I did of Lilah.  LOL!
Daddy and brother had to rush off, after the recital, to get to basketball practice, so we don't have any photos with/of them. They were there though. However, Lilah's biggest fan, her twin brother, Jax was there.  It was REAALLLY cold outside, so these two were barely cracking a smile.  They felt like I was torturing them.  Too bad... making memories!
Instead of flowers, Lilah got this beautiful "my life" Ballerina doll!
I tried to take more photos at home, but she still wasn't having it. I'm glad she has to wear this costume again for the Spring recital.  It will be warmer and I will have a second shot at capturing a beautiful photo smile!
From the stage to the skate board! I love this! She's the cutest tomboy I know.
Below are a few video clips of her in action.  I also recorded the Petite Rhythnmettes in action too, so Lilah can see what she can mature into!  I LOVE the song the Petite Rythnmettes performed to, Come Thou Fount. We sing that song often in church.  The grand finale was done by ALL of the dancers.  They performed to Holly Jolly Christmas!