Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Cookie Tradition (2014)

Every year, our family makes sure to bake and decorate cookies together.  It's always been a ton of fun and I thoroughly enjoy watching my husband in action.  He starts singing Christmas carrolls at the top of his lungs and acts like he's the Cake Boss. 

I'm pretty sure our cookie baking tradition always gets saved, not on purpose, for the week before Christmas because it's not a pressing priority.  It works out great though because Santa wouldn't want his cookies to be stale, right?

This year we had such a difficult time with the dough.  I think our home was just toooooo warm and it was causing the dough to stick to the counter....yes, I used flour. ALL OF US were losing interest FAST because every time we cut our dough with a cute cutter and tried to transfer the dough to the baking dish, the dough would fall apart.  Eventually, we smartened up and put the dough in the freezer.  That seemed to help a lot.
 After cutting and baking the cookies, this is what they looked like "BEFORE" decorating.
 Decorating the cookies is the best part!!  It's so fun and easy, but OH SO MESSY!
 The finished product!!!!
Next year, I think I need to make a homemade cookie dough that is specifically made for cookies that are going to be "cut" and decorated. Either way, I think they turned out very festive and beautiful. I refuse to eat one, but the kids sure enjoyed them.