Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Are Those Christmas Jammies?"

YES, yes they are!
Every year, we all get a new pair of coordinating pajamas to wear "On The Night Before Christmas!" I'm pretty sure this is the LAST year Jax will be allowed to wear that style pajama. He's getting too old and too cool for them!!!
We have really enjoyed the self-timer on our camera these last few weeks!!!! I am thankful there is such a thing or I'd probably NEVER make it in any photos.  
This sweet pose was Tyson's idea! "Everyone get on top of me! Biggest to smallest."
And then there was this FUNNY song made for people like US.  Our favorite part of this video is the annoying neighbor, who says, "Are those Christmas Jammies?"
Don't be hating on our Christmas jammies. You know you want some!