Monday, September 15, 2014

A Girly Girl Bedroom!

Doing a post on Lilah's bedroom has YET to happen. This post has been haunting me for almost two years now. Lilah's room is over the garage and is quite over-sized (lucky her), so being I was very particular about the final look of her room + having to compete with a large space has made this project long and tedious.
I was unable to begin designing the look of her room until I found the perfect bedding. After ordering two different bedding sets from Pottery Barn Teen and returning them both, I was so discouraged.  I checked everywhere, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Dillard's, Macy's, Target, Pottery Barn Kids and Teen, Belk, The Company Store, Kohl's, and JcPenney.  I had NO LUCK.  It was then that I realized the look I was going for was NOT store bought, but homemade.  That's when I turned to Etsy!  

I came across an accent pillowcase that I fell in love, with from an Etsy shop, called Sugar Creek Bedding.  I'm not sure what it was that grabbed my attention, but it was truly love at first sight. I think it was the different color combinations/fabric patterns.  The link to the pillowcase lead me to the entire bedding set, known as the Peyton Bedding Set.  
I think the bedding's look is definitely an acquired look, but I'm just not sure how anyone could think it's anything but beautiful. There's a lot going on, but I think it looks so classy, not to mention girly. It's a "country cottage" look and typically that's not me, but I've never had the luxury of designing a little girl's room before, either, so my tastes may be changing.  Who knows! One friend even said, "It reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer bedroom!" Okay, I'll take it!
The best part about this bedding is that the duvet cover is reversible.  It gives you the opportunity to switch things around each season.
I LOVE pillows. Darren always complains that our bed has too many pillows.  Is that possible? I enjoyed the look of this layered pillow collection, so I purchased all of the pillowcases offered, and that coordinated with the duvet cover.  
After purchasing the bedding, I was able to then decide on a wall color.  I chose a color that my step-mom used quite a bit, over the past few years.  It reminds me of a Cinderella blue, but the actual name is "Comfort Grey" by Shermin Williams.  I like this color because it tones the bright, vibrant bedding down a tad.  It keeps the rest of the room fairly calm.  
Other than the bedding and the wall color, I had to get with my favorite seamstress Cindy Greene, from Raleigh, North Carolina, to make both a seat cover and pillows for Lilah's window seat.  I was able to purchase extra fabric from Sugar Creek, so Cindy's handiwork coordinated perfectly with Lilah's duvet cover. In addition, to the window seat cushion and pillows, Cindy did coordinating basket liners and a seat cushion for Lilah's vanity, as well as, a rocking chair cover. 
Window Seat Cover & Pillows
Vanity Basket Liners and Seat Cushion
Rocking Chair Cushion
The Closet
Lilah's closet is incredible. It's the perfect size for any BIG or little girl.  It's a double sided closet with a window.  We took the door off of her closet, to allow more light to come into her room and to make it more easily accessible. It's filled to the brim, the way every little princess' closet should be. :) She is very blessed.
The Vanity
The Madeline play vanity came from Pottery Barn Kids. Lilah received it from Santa Claus two years ago. She LOVES it!!! And so do all of her friends.  It was one of the best purchases we've ever made from Pottery Barn Kids.
The Dresser
I love this shot! It shows the girl accents on her dresser, with her bed showing, in the background, through the mirror.
Other items that reside on her dresser: A white jewelry box from Pottery Barn Kids.
"Jesus Loves Me" shoe, from Cee Cee.
"A Princess Sleeps Here" plaque - Believe it or not, that came from the DOLLAR TREE.
 The Night Stand
 Lilah's Bible and reading glasses reside close by!
Close to Lilah's bed hangs one of her first, ballet recital costumes and her first pair of ballet slippers.
Other special bedroom sentiments/decorations:
Daily Encouragement
A Dress-Up Corner
Costumes, boas, head pieces, shoes and more...
Daily Hair Accessories 
One of my absolute FAVORITE accent pieces in her room is her fairy garden!  I have already done a post on this adorable addition, so read this post for details, but below are two photos.
"Happy Girls Are The Prettiest"  - Artwork On The Wall
American Bitty Baby Twins
View from the bedroom door!
View from the closet door!
View from the Fairy Garden!
Everything just flows together so well/beautifully.  
I have ONE last task to do, in order to consider this room complete..... CURTAINS!!!! I have several ideas, but I have yet to narrow it down to my final choice!  I am not good with this part of any room.  I think that's why I have saved it for last.  

I hope you have enjoyed touring her room.  I love the way it turned out.  My goal was to make it as girly as possibly and I think other than a stage with a microphone, haha, she's got it all!  It certainly doesn't photograph as nicely as it looks in person. Come by a take a peak :) if you'd rather see it in person. Feel free to double click on the picasa photo album below for additional photos.  I didn't take the time to crop/edit the ones that I did NOT include in this post, so they are not viewer worthy :) There are still a few other details that I chose not to blog about, so view what you desire, at your leisure.