Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Annual Church Picnic

Every year, our church has an annual picnic. Typically, it's on Sunday, after church, but this year we moved it to Saturday night! It's always at the Cannon's home. They have an incredible front, back, and side yard for the kids to run crazy. As it started to get dark, Mr. John Cannon made a fire for the kids to roast marshmallows.   
 Hammock fun!
 Vivian catching fish, salamanders, and frogs!
 Marshmallow roasting....
Golf cart rides!
 Cute faces....
 Chicken petting/loving/carrying/fretting....
Lord Jesus Help ME!!!!! What is my little DIVA doing holding a chicken?
 My poor kids want a dog so bad!!!! Can you tell?
Poor Ty can't make a smore. He dislikes chocolate, but I think he enjoys a warm marshmallow.  
Our family, especially the kids, look forward to this event every single year.  I think my children are closet rednecks. If anyone is going camping in the near future, please take Ty.  He will NEVER get that opportunity and he wants it so bad!!!

Not that the Cannon's read my blog, but I still would like to thank them for always being so gracious to open up their home and property to such a large amount of people.  As the Lord says, "Seek to show hospitality!" Until next year...