Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My First PUBLISHED Work!

It's official... I was contacted two Fridays ago, by an editor, of "TheStir", and asked if one of my blog posts could be shared on their 10 million viewer website. The blog post they were interested in was on a College Care Package, I had done for my sister, before she headed off to College. It was an email that I never thought I would get, but it arrived and it really blessed my day, HOWEVER, it did NOT bless my day more than actually seeing not just ONE of my posts, but TWO of my posts get published TODAY! AND it's directly under one of America's Headline News topics...Adrian Peterson's family dilemmas  I had been stalking "TheStir's" website, for the last two weeks, just incase the editor forgot to tell me that my ideas had actually been published, but Judy didn't forget her promise to me. After returning home from Bible Study, I was excited to find an email from Judy, which said...

Hello! Cafemom's "Best College Care Packages" post with your amazing care package is up. We'd be thrilled if you shared with your friends, family and social network, and we will do the same on our end! 

Thank you so much for your brilliant ideas! 

This is truly like a dream come true for any blogger, in my opinion.  One of my favorite bloggers, Jill Dubien, well known for her artistic ability with food and often featured in the Family Fun Magazine, as well as, in many other well known resources, wrote to me and said, 
"VERY exciting Kristin!  This is how it all starts.  In the beginning you will want to say "yes" to almost every opportunity that comes your way - provided it's legit, etc.  Getting your blog out there and noticed by other people is the only way to get more followers.... Congrats!!!"
Her email was a tad more elaborate than that, but I did NOT ask permission for our conversation to be shared, in it's entirety, so I will leave it at that!

And now, I introduce to you, my FIRST debut.  LOL!  

TheStir posted 11 DIY Care Packages to Send a Little Bit of Home to Your Kid at College and 2/11 ideas came from BollingWith5 blog!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!

The first published idea was called:

"Clean It Up" (click on the words "Clean It Up" to see it on TheStir's website, but Judy writes:
"To prevent your teen from ending up in a pigsty, send them a bag of cleaning supplies like this one by BollingWith5.  She's thought of everything!"

The second published idea was called:

"Doctor Mom In A Box(click on the words "Doctor Mom In A Box" to see the published post on TheStir's website, but this time, Judy writes:
"Kids in college are bound to catch something at some point, and without mom to nurse them back to health, they're going to need this medicine box from BollingWith5."

I have been so excited about this for weeks.  I have shared it with those closest to me and anyone who reads my blog daily, via my blog. Thank you to all, who have taken the time to personally rejoice with me, showing enthusiasm and excitement for this unique achievement. This is definitely something that could just be a ONE time thing or it could be something that turns my hobby into a full time, FUN career.  GOD TO YOU BE ALL THE GLORY for giving me this passion/talent.