Monday, January 27, 2014

A White Picket Fence, Fairies and Flowers!

It's insanely hard to believe that I am STILL putting some finishing touches on Lilah's room (2 years later).  We are down to the final details.  All I need is curtains and maybe one or two pieces of artwork and I am DONE!
The above wall was rather empty, so I chose to use the below, white picket fence, to fill the wall up a tad.  I moved Lilah's end table to the other side of her bed and cornered the picket fence in that area.
A picket fence inside? Absolutely. It definitely adds character to her room. I guess if I really wanted to, I could have just kept it just like that.  It's darling without any detail.
After installing the fence, I had the pleasure of adhering the nylon, colorful flowers, which can lay flat or you have the option to position them in a 3-D type of way because they contain wiring!
See how they "popped" out of the wall? I chose to take advantage of the wiring.
3-D fairy and butterfly stickers.
The coolest thing about these stickers is 1. They are repositional stickers.  2. They are 3 dimensional stickers.  3. When Lilah's heat or ceiling fan is on, the fairy wings flutter from the breeze.
My eyes are still adjusting.  I am a creature of habit.  I LOVED the night stand where it was, but this, for now, is what we have.
Different views!
Some of the pictures show it's true beauty.  Others make it look messy/crowded.  I'm not sure which photo appeals or doesn't appeal to me more.  Either way, I think it's a really unique addition to any little girl's room.  It's colorful and captivating for my Liley Bo and matches PERFECT with her bedding.  
Now Lilah has her very own garden in her room!