Friday, August 8, 2014

Sticker Wall

I am going through a super binge and purge stage lately.  I am having to do it in stages because the rest of the Summer (for the kids) would be dull if I didn't. For me, binging and purging means going through every single drawer and closet and ridding of everything and anything that has NOT been used, in it's fullest capacity, for 6 months or MORE.  In an effort to rid of our abundance of stickers, I created two sticker walls for the kids and told them to get busy sticking them all over the paper.  
 Needed Supplies:
Large Paper
Painters Tape
 I divided up our sticker selection into three baskets.
1. Jax - Thomas, McQueen, Super Heros, Chuck E. Cheese, and Ninja Turtles
 1. Lilah - princess, butterflies, Winnie the Pooh, make-up, flowers etc...
3. Tyson - Sponge bob, Angry Birds, Phineas and Ferb, Dogs and more.  
Lilah wasted NO time getting to work.
Who knew this job was such intense?
Haha. I love this shot!

(Below) This is my FAVORITE photo of her in action. In deep thought about which sticker to use next.
To date... Here is her sticker wall masterpiece.  
Jax had a different agenda.
He's really into drawing and quite honestly has surprised me at how much of an artist he is.
He began drawing train tracks.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the above shot.  He was really intentionally considering which train would fit on the tracks he drew.
There you have it folks.  So creative.
A tree for the Angry Birds.
Sadly, after he witnessed his BIG brother working on his sticker wall, and liked what Ty was doing better, he insisted on tearing down the beginning stages of his masterpiece to start over.  My kids are slowly showing signs of Darren and I's characteristics of perfectionism.
Jax's sticker masterpiece to-date!
I played worship music on our portable speaker, off of pandora, and the kids just sang, stuck stickers, and worked together so nicely.  There literally was not one argument or episode of tattling.  
Apparently my sticker collection was NOT up to par for Tyson, so he collected his sticker books, from his room, and had other ideas in mind: space stickers, Lego stickers, and super-hero stickers.
He needed his OWN sticker wall.  
I am very thankful that this idea interested him.  
I love his innocence and willingness to join in on tasks that may seem "immature" for him.  In a world rushing to grow-up, this makes Momma happy!
Ty also worked very seriously.  
As you can see below, Ty categorized his stickers into sections.  
All of the sticker walls are still hung and the supplies are just aligning my hallway walls (which is KILLING me), but from time to time, they continue working on their masterpieces, so I will give it a few more days and then I will PURGE it all. LOL! Shhhhh, don't tell them.
This task is especially great for younger children who are in need of working on their fine motor skills.  Peeling stickers off of a sheet is no easy task for some of us adults, much less the younger crew! You should let your children try this! It was a HUGE success.