Friday, August 8, 2014

Bolling/Crisafi Randoms

My beautiful chaos for 7 days!
These are a few photos that have no purposeful use for a singular post, but they are DEFINITELY not worth missing out on. I am not sure what I did PRIOR to kids, but one thing is FOR must have been REALLLLLLY BORING!

In NO particular ORDER... here it goes....

Salene's version of applying make-up to her sister.  HOT pink shadow, but you can't call it eye shadow because it's ALL OVER!
 The cutest little cowgirl I've seen in a loooooooooong while.
 The girls LOVED playing school.  Salene insisted she wear these glasses since she was the teacher.
 Tom girl Salene riding a bike without shoes and a helmet.  Shhhh, don't tell her mommy!
 Darren and Leecie figuring out a magic trick, from our magic trick book.  
Quiet time, away from the others, spent making loom band bracelets. 
I made the mistake of telling the girls that their camp days would included dance and cheerleading (I was wrong, it was just dance.). To the girls, the first day of camp required hot, red lipstick and BUNS, in their eyes.  After all, that's what cheerleaders look like. Right? The kids at camp were DUMBFOUNDED at how much Salene, Saleece, and Lilah looked so much alike.  
Before entering our home, on the way home from Raleigh, I went over a ton of ground rules.  I knew sharing our house rules with the girls would make the week less hectic and stressful for Darren and I. All of the kids followed them and WELL! This rule, below, was "Upon entering our home, remove your shoes and place them on the stairs!"
Ty entertains the younger kids by attempting to shoot an innocent beaver.  Saleece exclaimed, "You're mean.  How would you like it if someone shotted your head off!"  LOL!
Sunbathing.  Poor Jax wasn't really welcomed.  Can you see the imaginary line drawn in the grass? 
Exhausted after three days of camp. 
I always planned ahead.  This was the breakfast, table setting, that I did the night before.
 Took the kids to the Dollar Tree. The Crisafi girls chose prescription glasses. Eeeek!
Everyday, feeding these kids was a HUGE dilemma. Salene is allergic to peanuts, so that meant NO peanut butter and jelly (my kids FAVORITE and staple).  Saleece hates cheese, so that meant NO grilled cheese.  It was a disaster.  I laid out lunch one day, which consisted of crackers, cheese, salami, fruit, and yogurt.  It was more like a plate of healthy snacks.  Darren came home from work and I said, "Bet me $100 that ONE of them will come up and say ..."
"I don't like cheese!"
Darren said, "Okay, but it has to be VERBATIM, word for word, just like that!"  I said, "OK!"  I called the kids up for "lunch" and Leecie went from plate to plate to plate to plate until she reached plate #5.  When she saw that ALL the plates contained cheese she exclaimed, 
"I don't like cheese!"

YES!!!!! Darren forced over the $100.  He and I started hysterically laughing. I called it! #mothersintuition.  That was the easiest $100 I have EVER made. Let's face it... we all know I didn't get to spend it on myself. It was spent on the kids during our visit to Chuck E. Cheese.
 Guess who is the OLDEST child in this photo, not to mention the HEAVIEST?  The driver.  Haha. We like to call her the "boss".  She had the youngest ones slave driving pushing.  
I allowed her to accessorize herself for Church on Wednesday!  LOL!
 Lunch outside to eliminate crumbs.
 Fell asleep at 5:05 on the way to Sam's party! WIPED OUT!
AND SO WAS I after everyone left.  It was an eventful 7 days, fun yet exhausting, but the memories were BEYOND worth it.