Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best Wishes Sam!

Our pastor's oldest son Sam,  is heading to College in just a few weeks. Sam decided on Virginia Military Institute or VMI. Rather than having a graduation party, his parents threw him a going away party.  The party was at "Camp Alta Mon's". Gretchen did a fantastic job cooking for over 100 people and the guest of honor, as well as, the other guests, seemed to really enjoy themselves.  We were also able to bring along Salene and Saleece.  Sadly, these are the WORST pictures I think I have EVER taken, so sorry Gretch. It was tooooo nerve racking keeping up with 5 kids and trying to fellowship with the adults, on top of taking pictures.  You are in luck though because I saw Shannon's camera out.
After everyone arrived, we prayed and PIGGED out. There was a ton of FOOD: hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the extras that go along with picnic style foods.  
After we ate, the adults and kids either swam or played outdoor games.  It was drizzling on and off, so the mommies were doing their best to keep the kids clean and dry.
 Ladder Ball and cornhole was amongst the more popular games.  
 The unruly competition was very funny to watch.
Here... Kelsey and Brittney are spotted chest bumping, as a way to show off their victory dance for WINNING.
My kids LOVED being around all of the younger and older youth, from Sports Camp, and made certain to let the fun continue at Sam's party.
Above: Darren and I had already given Sam a graduation present, but we didn't want to arrive to his going away party with NOTHING in hand. I came up with this idea... the abbreviated form of his College's name, framed.  Each letter was made out of household or outdoor items.  The "V" was a ruler.  The "M" was taken off of a raft.  The "I" was a flag pole.  
 No party is complete without fireworks... especially a VMI party!
 Nick introduced Darren to the new Virginia Tech quarterback! For realzzz!
 A few of Sam's friends from school!
 Gretchen, with her mom, who I adore, cleaning up as the party comes to a close.
Here was another version of Sam's gift. I thought the Barber Pole was funny because Sam has been growing out his hair, until his day of departure, and HE is in MUCH need of a haircut.  I was torn, sepia or color, flag pole or barber pole.  I chose COLOR and FLAG pole.  
Sam was realllllly hard to find at this party.  This was the ONLY photo I was able to snap of him.  Sigh... so sorry again Gretchen. 
Gretchen used rats as a decoration since that is what first year students are called at VMI.  She placed his new college address onto the rat for the guests to take home. We will certainly send him some fun letters or a care package or two (if he's allowed to receive them) once he gets there.
Many blessings and prayers to you Sam as you begin your amazing experience at VMI. Hats off to Gretchen and Nick for an awesome going away party! When I tucked Ty into bed that night, he said, "Mom?!?! I wish we had a party like that to go to every weekend!!!!"