Monday, June 9, 2014

Ty Performs In FLES' Talent Show

Ty had a HUGE day, last Tuesday.  First, the talent show and then his Vice President electoral speech. He had performed in the talent show back in April, but I was so nervous, I couldn't keep my video camera still, my hands were shaking so hard. SO... I waited until he did it last Tuesday and re-recorded it.  

Ty and his buddy, Brendan, chose to perform a magic show and a small comedy act aka jokes.  

"Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants?"
"Incase he got a hole in one!"

"Why did the lion spit the clown out?"
"Because he tasted funny!"

"Why did the star go to the bathroom?"
"Because he had to twinkle!"

I am the MOST critical of Tyson, and often, but he truly is a great kid. He has really impressed me this year.  He loves to be involved! I even asked him, "Why do you think you felt so comfortable running for VP and being in the talent show?" His answer: "Because I love being involved."  I was always the kid who sat, from afar, and watched my peers do everything. NOW... I get to sit from afar and watch my son do it all.  It's a great feeling.  Sorry if it's sounds "brag-a-docious!"  I can't help it.

I hope you enjoyed Ty and Brendan's act above.  I actually recorded two or three other acts that I thought were awesome.  I will upload them before the end of the week. They are cute and funny. Definitely well worth allowing your children to watch. Beats Sponge Bob!

***Disclaimer*** Ty and Brendan were so brave to get up, on stage, and do this in front of their peers.  I sat pretty far away from them and since they didn't speak very loudly, you may have a difficult time hearing everything perfectly.  Hence the reason I put the jokes and its answers in the post above. Sorry to ruin part of the act by doing that.