Monday, May 19, 2014

Lilah Dances For Jesus!

This past Saturday, Lilah had her fourth dance recital.  The Spring recital is always the better of the two.  It's held at the Jefferson Center and it is slightly more professional, if you will, than the Winter Recital.  This year Lilah performed to two songs, which meant she had two costumes.  I thought she looked beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day!  You can also double click on the photo album below to see ALL of the photos taken that day.  Of course, as usual, the captions will provide much insight and detail about the event!!!

Below: before the recital began. It is not professional to wear your costume to the recital location, so Lilah arrived with a zip up jacket.  We wouldn't want to mess up the hair and make-up (which she was SOOOO excited about it).
I went a little heavier, than normal, on the make-up so she didn't look so washed out, on stage! Normally, Lilah performs first, but this time around she was able to sit and watch the "big girls" for an hour or so. That was so HELPFUL.  It allowed her to see the way a real dancer performs (facial expressions, position, poise, etc.).  After every song, Lilah would exclaim, "When is it my turn?"
Backstage my beautiful girl gets ready to perform. The first song she danced to was "Ain't She Sweet" by the Beatles.
There she is, dancing for Jesus!!!! She did so amazing!  
 Shake it girl!!! LOL!
We were NOT allowed to use a flash so... this is the best I could do without it!
 The next song Lilah performed to was "You Are My Sunshine!"
 This is her favorite pose!
Pretty dancers with goofy faces!
 Her fan club... Grandad and Grandnee!
 Her biggest fans!
 Flowers and gifts for her incredible work on stage!
 I was excited when I found a ballet slipper for her pandora bracelet.
 And this sweet ballerina, limited edition, Barbie Doll!
Making her phone calls of gratitude for her flowers!
This year was so different from last year. Lilah's class time was at 5:30 pm, so I was able to leave the boys at home with Darren. It was a blessing to be able to sit in the room with all of the mommies/grandmommies and get to know each of them a lot better than I did last year!!! All of the girls will be dancing together for many years to come, so it was so important to me to build that relationship.  

These videos are such a tease... I know, so sorry!  It really leaves you hanging.  Thanks to my lovely iPhone, I was unable to capture it all.  "Not enough memory available."  I could scream.  I am contemplating buying the $42 dvd so I can have it as a memory!! Why does everything have to be so expensive? If I buy it, I, of course, will put the professional footage on the blog. Lilah is the 5th one in from the left or the 3rd one in from the right! Such a cutie-pa-tootie!!!