Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Day #3

We spent DAY #3 at our favorite park Hollywood Studios. Actually, we had several favorite parks, but for different reasons. THIS park was so awesome in the ride department. Our family Darren and the kids enjoy thrill rides, as well as, the shows and this park has BOTH. We also love all of the unique characters at Hollywood Studios. We were able to meet quite a bit that day: Handy Manny, Sophia the First, Jake And The Never Land Pirates, McQueen, Tow-Mater, Phineas And Ferb and more....

On this day, I took over 250 photos.  WOW!  There was so much detail, that I could NOT see myself NOT capturing it.  Plus, I know a ton of people who have Disney trips planned in the next few months and I thought my posts would be helpful to them.

Below are some of my favorite photos, but to view our the entire day, you will have to view the photo album below. The captions can be used as a great reference for more detail as well.  If you have any questions, at all, though just ask.  I'd recommend asking me while it is fresh in my mind, haha.  

We didn't have a scheduled breakfast this morning and that was kind of nice.  It allowed us to eat a "quick service meal" and get to the park as soon as we possibly could.  I think we arrived about 9:15 am.  

We had several fast passes this day.  Our first fast pass was for the Tower of Terror.  NONE of us had ever been to Hollywood Studios before, so we had NO idea what to expect on this ride.  My travel agent warned me that it was a definite thrill ride, but I just assumed we'd be fine.  OH BROTHER.  What a TERROR indeed.

Although the ride was full of terror, I have to say, it was the ride our entire family cannot stop talking about.  I rate it a DEFINITE 10, but ONLY for those people who LOVE thrill rides.  If you have children or adults in your party that are NOT thrill riders, DO NOT make them ride this.  It may just ruin the rest of their day.  Darren was hysterically laughing the ENTIRE TIME, to the point where you almost have to wonder if he is some sort of super human, and I was screaming the entire time.  I feel terrible because the video below you hear Darren's laughter, but you also here me screaming, "Oh My God, Oh My God!" I NEVER say that phrase, despise it actually, but I truly think I was saying it out of fear and I was sincerely crying out for God's help!  LOL!  Lilah came off the ride crying, but three hours later she BEGGED to go back on it.  NONE of the boys would do it.  Later that night, Lilah and I walked ALLLLLLLLL the way up to the top of the ride, when there was NO line, and BOTH of us chickened out when we got to the top.  LOL!  We walked all the way back down and the boys laughed and laughed at us. Darren even threw out an "I told you so!"

It's hard to believe I was able to video record while riding this ride.  It was mortifying!
The older boys left us to ride the "Rockin Roller Coaster", so the twins and I enjoyed some time together exploring the park! Before the day was over, Darren and Ty rode that roller coaster 3 times. 
I don't know MANY of the Disney movies, but I do know Toy Story and I LOVE IT!  We got to meet one of the soldiers from the movie.  The kids enjoyed saluting the camera just like the soldier.  
I was so impressed and in awe over what we got to see on the "Studio Backlot Tour"The photo below won't really mean much to most people, but for me, the GROWN UP on the trip, it got my attention.  Basically, the tram takes you in one of their "backlots" and shows you, reallllllllly quickly, hence the awful footage, the areas where all of the characters and show performers' costumes and wigs are made. It was called "Disney Hollywood Studios Creative Costuming".  Imagine having a full audience, all day long, while working each day.  Talk about nerve wracking.  
As we were walking around Hollywood Studios, we slowly began reading a message that a local pilot was forming in the sky. Eventually, when he finished, it read "Jesus 4 Gives".  Just like that. Sadly, we heard someone say, "He better not be spelling Jesus!" REALLY?!?!?! You better start BELIEVING in JESUS!!!!
The highlight of our day.... getting up close and personal with Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater.
 He even appeared in the "Lights, Motor, Action" show that we watched.  
Lights, Motor, Action Show  - This show was by far the best action packed show WE have ever seen in person.  It contained fast roaring vehicles, crazy fast motorcyclists, fire, stunt men falling off of buildings and so much more. Unfortunately, my cell phone's memory was failing me that day.  I did NOT take great footage, of the actual show, while we were watching it, but I did capture a little bit of it while we were on the "Backlot Tour". 

Another guest did a fantastic job recording the entire show, so I am embedding the show below. If you have an extra 33 minutes in your day watch it! LOL!

"The Streets Of America" - Doesn't this look real?  It looked like it was either real or painted into the sky.  
 Ty in New York City!
 The boys make Princess, Sophia the First, blush!
 Face painting time: Ty was a dragon/skull dude!
 Jax was a pirate... no surprise there.
 Liley was a princess kitty!
Below: our life line aka our stroller for the week.  It was the biggest lifesaver.  We brought the "Mommy Hook" and it held everything from my camera bag, to the cooler bag, to the snack bag, etc..... Don't you love my homemade, laminated stroller tag?  It read, "Bolling Family Stroller".  The stroller parking lots are INCREDIBLE.  They have cast members working them and you just park your stroller and go!  It was so easy to identify our stroller thanks to the sign I made. I meant to take a picture of the stroller parking lots and forget.  SO BUMMED! It really was something to witness.
Darren and Ty went to ride the Rockin Roller Coaster again, so I took the kids to this really awesome Little Mermaid Show.
 And you can't go to Disney without doing a caricature.  
After a FULL day at Hollywood Studios, we came back to our resort around 11 pm.  Our resort was the resort that never slept. LOL!  Events were going on at all hours. Ty begged and begged, at 11 pm, to get a caricature.  I agreed, but Darren went back to the room with Lilah. Ty and Jax chose to spend their own souvenir money on these and Lilah was perfectly content spending time with daddy, playing with her new ariel poly pocket set, from Hollywood Studios.  These kids never stopped!!! The paint on Jax's face was a disaster. I thought the artist would have a hard time seeing his face, when drawing him, so I brought him to the restroom to try and remove the paint.  The below face is what you get when you try to remove face paint without soap.
 See how close our room was to the Magic Kingdom? It was so gorgeous at night. Everything was LITE up.
 One night we left the sliding doors open, watched the fireworks show, and just took it all in: the sights and the sounds.
I have to say, I am really thankful for the type of children we have.  They are just like Darren and I. They could go, go, go all day and never stop. We didn't want to waist a minute, so we were at Hollywood Studios from 9:15 am to 11:00 pm.  

I failed to mention the places we ate at.  So...incase you are curious, we ate at "Hollywood & Vine" , for lunch, and the "Brown Derby", for dinner.  I would rate lunch about an 8.  Remember, if you eat character dining, the focus is always on the kids, and not so much the food. I will say, Hollywood & Vine was one of the best lunches we had eaten that week. The Brown Derby is out of this world phenomenal.  A definite 10.  

I am so sorry it's taking me so long to post about Disney.  As you have seen, I am being very detailed and documenting everything.  30 years from now, when I have trouble recalling things, this blog will be such a treasure to me.