Sunday, May 18, 2014

Welcome To The Family - Sweet Baby Aliza!!!

"TODAY" our small group girls hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Jody. It was a unique baby shower, in that, the baby we were celebrating had already arrived.  Brett and Jody have been praying for a baby for years, but not just ANY baby.  They wanted to adopt.  
On April 22nd, sweet baby Aliza was born and adopted into the William's home. She's absolutely precious. 
Bekka, another sister-in-Christ, and another one of Jody's besties, was so kind to offer her home as the venue for the baby shower.  It was a "drop-in", so the crowd level was steady, but enjoyable.

The baby shower was immediately after church, so our time was extremely limited for setting up.  We chose to serve dessert and drinks only.  
Everyone took turns holding Aliza and chatting with Jody!
Our small group gifted to Jody a book from Shutterfly, which captured all of the incredibly emotional details from the labor and delivery room, while birth mom gave birth. Shannon, with With His Light Photography  captured it all that day.  Below, Jody and Bekka look at the book together and relive the day Aliza was born and adopted.
This little one is spoiled with LOVE already!
AND gifts galore!!!!!
Mingling guests and gift watching!
Three of my girls: (above) Jody (below) Shannon and Ashely.
The day that Aliza was born and placed into her mother and father's arms. Ansley meets her new baby sister!
I bought a few special gifts for sweet baby Aliza!  My favorite, which I failed to capture a photo of, was a personalized baby bracelet! I also LOVE this travel wipe holder.  I bought it to match her navy, Michael Kors diaper bag. #waytogomia
Baby Star-ducks sippy cup
Her first swimsuit and sunglasses.
"For this child [they] had prayed and the Lord granted [them] the desires of their heart." ~1 Samuel 1:27

Adoption is so mind blowing to me.  In this situation, this baby could NOT have hand picked a better set of loving, godly parents. And in relation to my faith and being adopted, myself, into God's kingdom, as His daughter, I can find comfort and rest when I think of Aliza's adoption. However, I still struggle with a parent or set of parents who give their child up for adoption.  I just cannot fathom doing it myself.  I heard an interview, on the christian radio station the other day, from a teenager girl who was adopted, and she said this... (she was speaking to her biological mother)
"Mom, thank you for giving me the greatest gift in the world... the gift of a better chance at life and one that you could not have come close to giving me. Thank you also for blessing me with a mother and father who personally prayed for me and love me to the fullest!"  
It was then that I could find a glimmer of understanding and "settling" towards any biological mother and/or father's decisions to give their baby up for adoption.

Aliza Claire, we are so excited to have you adopted not just into your mommy/daddy's arms, but also into the arms of your family in Christ, at West Salem Baptist Church.  We promise to love you, guide you, and protect you along with raising you and disciplining you according to all of God's commands.  Hugs and kisses, Aunt Kristin!