Saturday, May 31, 2014

Family Feud

It's the well-known family game of FEUD!  That's the second game I chose for the end of the year party.  The other room parent, Stacey, created all of the questions and basically headed up this game. The marshmallow game kicked my behind. LOL!  I needed a break from trying to reign in the attention of (42) 9 year old, wild, and crazy kids.  Hehe.
Stacy did a great job explaining the game (just incase someone had never watched or played it before.) The first to "face off" were Avery and Beckett.

Question #1: "Name something that you would hate to find underneath your bed?"

Avery Willard answered: dog poop.  LOL! No, dog poop was NOT an answer, but very possible.  Beckett answered: my brother's underware.  LOL!  NO, also NOT an answer.  The kids that could hear the answers were laughing so hard.
Then Jimmy and Jaiden "faced off".  

Question 2: "Name something you do when you are sick?"
Top Answers:
Eat Soup
Take Off
Take Medicine 
As Stacy read the questions allowed, her little guy clung to her leg.  I love this shot. I don't blame the little fella.  It was so LOUD in the gym.  The girls, especially, kept squealing uncontrollably. 
Next up, Olivia and Rosella "faced off".
And finally, Emma and Kayleigh "faced off".
I think the classes LOVED this game and it was sad when the teachers said it was time to get back to class.

A special thanks to Ms. Rottkamp for allowing us to use her bell as the "buzzer".
Darren was the score keeper and he ruled that Ms. Scott's class won again!

Their prize was a FREE round of Bowling at the Lee Hi Bowling Alley.  I would like to give a special thanks to Lee Hi Bowling Alley.  I called the manager and asked if they would donate 22 free games of bowling and they did.  Support your local Bowling Alleys, LOL!