Monday, June 2, 2014

Field Day 2014

Today was Field Day at Ty's school.  This is only the 2nd Field Day I have been able to be a part of because of the twins. Thankfully my dear friend Ashely took the twins today and I was able to enjoy the talent show, the SCA election speeches and about 30 minutes of field day!  Here are a few photos I took.  My heart literally drops when I view the photo of Ty eating a slushy.  He's getting so big and he really is a handsome boy!
"On your mark..."
"Get set..."
Above: The back of their Field Day t-shirt.  All of the students signed their names into the Lion's paw print.
Avery and Ty compete against each other.
Time to cool off with a Bahama Sno Shack Icy!
Hillary, below, will be moving to Iowa after the school year.  Boohoo!!!  Both her, her brother, and her mommy, Holly, will be missed.
It was a gorgeous day for outdoor FUN.  Ms. Deeds' is well organized and really values her job, making Field Day memorable and enjoyable!