Saturday, May 31, 2014

Marshmallow Toss

Not only was I in charge of the 3rd graders goody bags, but I was also in charge of preparing two games for the end of the year party.  The first game I planned was a "Marshmallow Toss", which consists of marshmallows and people. I was really excited about this game because I knew it would create a ton of laughs and it would also be a great stress reliever for these children who have been studying and testing for almost a month straight.  NOT TO MENTION, who wouldn't wish to throw marshmallows at their teachers.
Thinking ahead of the game, I filled up 42 cups of marshmallows, the night before the party, so that when it was time to play, the students weren't waiting on me to fill them up. 
 I used my new 31 cooler bag to store them over night.  LOVE IT! 
The Object:
Both 3rd grade teachers sat across from each other with buckets on their heads.  Both classes had a task... to fill up the buckets with marshmallows.  "Whichever class fills up their bucket the highest with marshmallows, WINS. 
 I allowed the ladies to go first.  
See Ty behind Mrs. Zimmerman?  HAHA. He was catching the marshmallows that didn't land in the bucket, in his mouth. AND if you look closely, that kid is STILL sporting his mustache for the SCA Vice President candidacy (he put it on at 7:00 am and at that point it was 1:30 pm). 
These smiles made my day!
Check out those marshmallows all over the floor.  
The boys went second!
I LOVE this photo.  Mason is so into his marshmallow tossing that he had his tongue assist him :)
Mrs. Scott's team!
Her girls were also really excited and giggly as they tossed marshmallows at their teacher.
The teachers were really great sports about it.
The boys had an incredible strategy. There were a TON of marshmallows NOT landing in the buckets (from the girls).  The boys began picking up the marshmallows, that FELL onto the floor, to use when it was their turn.
The winner was Mrs. Scott's team and each student received a water shooter.

Mrs. Zimmerman's class was so bummed.  

Here's the DOWNFALL about this game... the kids made a poor choice and smashed the marshmallows that fell, onto the gymnasium floor, making both the bottom of their shoes and the gym floor a sticky mess.  I highly advise doing this game outside, preferably on a night that it is going to rain :) otherwise you will have a massive ant farm in your backyard.  Darren, myself, and a few other amazing moms stayed behind and basically clorox wiped the entire floor.  Then the janitors had to use the industrialized machine to reclean the gym floor.  LOL!