Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Surprise Reunion At The Great Wolf Lodge!!!

A few days ago, Carlene, my stepmom, mentioned that she was taking my sisters to the Great Wolf Lodge.  She found an amazing groupon for a one night's stay there.  I knew the room she was staying in slept 6, so I kinda invited myself and 2/3 kids, and she was extremely obliging . It had been exactly ONE year since our last visit with the kids. The last visit was for Ty's birthday and it just so happened that the day she had the Great Wolf Lodge reserved was on Ty's birthday, as well as, Mother's Day.  

Being the room only slept 6, I had to leave one child behind.  That was TOTALLY torture to do and felt extremely wrong, but being Jax had just gone for his birthday, and knowing that he loves his bff Cohen, it was the only option. Jax was perfectly content and Cohen had been begging for a sleep over with Jax.    

We arrived to the Great Wolf Lodge safely (praise you Jesus). Both Tyson and Lilah just thought I was treating them to an overnight stay... just the three of us.
As we approached our hotel room, I told Ty to knock on the door. He said, "I don't think this is our room mom? I hear people in there!" He was right... our other halves opened the door and both parties (kids) were shocked when they spotted each other, on the other side of the door. Check out Salene's face. Hysterical.
Salene and Saleece (my sisters) also had NO idea we were coming.  The hugs, smiles, and laughter began immediately after the shock subsided.
We quickly changed and began our reunion with some outdoor swimming fun and birthday cookie eating. I pre-ordered a LARGE sugar cookie, from our local cookie store, and brought it to the lodge with us.  
 My daughter and my sister!
(Below) These two are also so much a like.  Little pests, bullies, sneaky and sly. Simply put, just up to no good!
Salene and Ty were either laughing or annoyed with each other but it was ONLY because they are used to being the bully, not being bullied. Neither one of them was "winning" consistently or enough.
 A bunch of crazies!!
 Water slide fun!!
 This shot makes me feel like they've been flushed down a gigantic toilet bowl!!
 YES! I actually participated.  LOL!
 The fun wasn't over after the water park closed.  
They "Built-A-Wolf".
 Listened to a story... in their swim suites.  You are supposed to be in your pjs.  LOL!
 Got tattoos!
 Visited with Wiley the Wolf!
 Had a silly string fight!
 Posed for photos! Our little model wannabes!
 Colored themselves a souvenir.
 Hugged, loved, smiled, and made tons of memories!
 Face paintings!
 My mean sweet wolf!
 Played in the arcade!
And then of course ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END! We said our final goodbyes. Those are always hard because we NEVER know when the next time will be, especially now that the girls start year round school in July!
My husband was not keen on the idea of the three of us going.  Tyson had a baseball game Monday night and Darren was terrified we would get into an accident, get delayed, or get a flat tire. I promised him NOTHING would stop me from getting Tyson to his baseball game.  Good thing Carlene didn't make that promise because she was the one who ended up with a flat tire.  :( Stinky way to end a fantastic trip.

Just when I thought I was in the clear... my gas light game on and I could NOT find a gas station for the life of me. I said a TON of prayers (in the two minutes I had left before stalling) and God planted a gas station right in the nick of time.  #1mileleft EEEEKKKK!
Carlene, thank you so much for sharing your groupon with us! It was a much needed trip and a huge blessing to see all of you!!!!  WE WILL NOT WAIT another year for this to happen.

To view all of the photos/details, double click on the photo album below!!