Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tyson's Actual Birthday!

Our "Ty-Guy" turned 8 on Saturday. CRAAAAZY! Do we really have an 8 year old child? My family was in town and we celebrated his birthday.  I started off his birthday morning lining up the younger 4 children and I gave them permission to give Tyson 2 birthday spankings each.  I gave him a "pinch to grow an inch".  We also celebrated by opening gifts, eating at Chipolte, and having cake frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog.  At the end of this month, Tyson will have his birthday party!
 The night before his birthday, I entered his room while he was asleep, 
And floated 8 helium balloons on his ceiling.
When he woke up, he was excited by the reminder that it was his birthday.
 He headed downstairs to find his gifts displayed on the kitchen island.
 And his birthday banner from his 1st birthday party!
 Fabric, birthday chair covers :)
 Ty wasted no time opening gifts.
 A personalized, Virginia Tech hat.  It has his name on the back.
 His "BIG" gift, was a "shoeless Joe" baseball mitt.
 Poppy is explaining to him how to take care of it.
He also received the Hobbit movie, (2) jerseys: Stephen Curry and Lebron James, a football tee, an under armor shirt, a Nate the Great book, a Miami Heat banner, 
AND a cool basketball night light.  
 Upon arriving to Chipolte, Lilah and Leecie wouldn't stop hugging.  
They hugged so hard, they fell to the ground.
 A family group shot minus ME! @ Chipolte.
Then off to Sweet Frog!   
Ty had his fair share of CAKE, so he chose yogurt for his birthday DAY!
 There they go again... attached to the hip.
 Ty stuffs his ice cream bowl.
 Our group frozen yogurts.  
 And again!  
 Group - Sweet Frog photo.
 Does anyone have a husband like mine 
Where NOT ONE PHOTO can be taken seriously?
 Some of...
 The many...
Faces of...
Upon arriving home, we grabbed the 8 balloons from Ty's bedroom, 
Counted to 8 10 (for some reason) and released the balloons into the air 
In honor of Tyson's special day!
Tyson thought it was hilarious that all the younger kids let go of their balloons 
 AND he held onto his balloon.  He's so cruel sometimes.  
Eventually however, he released his balloon into the air too!