Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ty's 9th Birthday!

I stuck to my word, "Disney = No 9th Birthday Party!"  It would have been more difficult if this month wasn't so insanely busy, with so much going on, I did it. My child actually did NOT have a party. Last week alone we had, a baseball game, a ballet rehearsal, SOL's, school cupcakes, small group (and we hosted which meant cleaning house and baking), teacher appreciation week (which meant gift shopping, wrapping, and baking) Ty's birthday, two of my best friends' birthdays, Mother's Day, church, choir practice, and an unexpected trip to the Great Wolf Lodge (which meant packing).  ALLLLLLL of that on top of NORMAL, weekly responsibilities, made for an insanely full week.  

This year was the most low-key birthday ever, but I believe Tyson still felt loved. As they say,  sometimes, "Less is MORE!"

Here's what we did do to celebrate...

First, I sent a Duck Dynasty "cupcake cake" to school, for a classroom celebration.  Ty's all about sports and loves Duck Dynasty. Who'da thought our house would contain long-bearded, red-neck, camouflaged men? NOT ME. LOL!  Christ brought us together. Right? It has to be.  
"Happy, Happy, Happy!" is a famous line from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.  On a whim, I spotted these plates at the Christian Book Store.
On his birthday morning, he woke up to confetti pancakes (pancakes a la mode sprinkles and candles).
 Nothing over the top!!! But a little something special to make him feel like it was HIS special day!
AND a ceiling fan of gift cards!!! I snuck in his room, in the middle of the night, and hung 5 gift cards from each of the 5 ceiling fan's blades. What a fun surprise to wake up to!!!
And later that day, he thought he was taking a trip with Liley and mommy (and leaving daddy and Jax behind), AND he was, but when he arrived to the Great Wolf Lodge, I had a little extra birthday surprise waiting on him (the Crisafi sisters didn't know we were coming either).  Be on the lookout for the Great Wolf Lodge post today or tomorrow!
You can tell from the shocked looks, hugs, and smiles how important and special this was to all of them. It had been an entire year, Ty's last birthday, since we were all together!
I pre-ordered a cookie cake from our local mall.  The store is called, 'The Cookie Store".  Haha.  How appropriate.  I had it decorated in Glenvar's green and gold colors. We brought it to the Great Wolf Lodge with us!
My Tyson, you are my child that keeps me on my toes, although I believe your sister will far surpass you!  LOL!  There are many days I can truly see the Lord working on your heart and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for your life. You are a very well loved child by all that know you: teachers, classmates, teammates, coaches, and most days your housemates :) You cannot help that you contain the hard core personality traits of both your mommy and daddy which make you a stubborn, hard headed, feisty, moody mule somedays :) But other days, you are so easy to talk to, fun to laugh with, lovable, smiley, and helpful.  I love that your not just good at ONE thing.  You are so well rounded: smart, athletic, handsome, giving, and funny! Happy 9th Birthday to my first born baby!